Back to Future – Tark Vidya (Art of Debating)

“Why do you think you must apply shampoo to your hair”, Hiya asked

“Because I will look good”, her daughter said.

“What do you mean by looking good and why you want to look good”, Hiya asked.

“Looking good means, where I look pleasant among my friends group so that everybody looks at me and feels good. I want people to like me when they look at me”, her daughter said.

“Why do you think applying Shampoo makes you look good”, Hiya asked.

“After applying Shampoo my hair looks free (non-sticky) and changes my look”, he daughter said.

I was sick and tired of this continuous conversation between my daughter and granddaughter. Hiya could just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and end the conversation. I thought of pitching in.

“Chhoti!!!”, I called my grand daughter.

“You should not argue with your mother. Once mother denies something, you should not question it. Our culture strongly advices us to follow our elders commands unconditionally. Otherwise this is considered as rude behavior.” , I tried to end the fight by giving my advice.

“No Baba, she is actually going through her lessons. This is part of her curriculum”, Hiya interfered.

What lessons? They are now a days teaching how to disobey your parents and argue with them. What day has come? This is going to be end of this civilization”, I said with frustration, anger and surprise.

“No Baba!!”, Hiya came close to me, sat next to me and held my hand and started explaining.

“As per Vedic studies one of the very crucial subject to study is Tarka Vidya (Debating skills). This was the only method through which people will prove one right or wrong.

How to put your points, how to choose appropriate words, how to study hard to prepare for debate are very important for this subject. The most important factor is to put your point, convince the opponent but do not hurt anybody’s ego or sentiment.

In the history Devi Sita (Daughter of King Janaka) was one of the best in tark (debate) at that age.

If you imagine how difficult it might have been for Sita to persuade Ram (Sita’s husband) to go to forest for 14 years when Ram would have expected Sita to serve his parents and take care of his house like Laksman advised to his wife. How difficult it would have been to convince that she will be happy with Ram in deadly forest despite being one of the most pampered child of mighty king Janaka. How difficult it would have been to convince that he father (Janaka) will not feel bad about Ram’s family when he will know that they sent his daughter to forest along with Ram. But she could persuade or convince all without any fight. This is due to knowing the art of debating.

It is very important to keep the tough conversations going on till both parties are convinced. It should be convincing other by knowledge not emotional or any other pressure.”, Hiya explained.

I was shocked to know that at the age of 87 I will learn what is best to teach kids. I could not believe that Vedic teaching methodologies will come back to mainstream education system of Bharat. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised.


– Stray Dog


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One thought on “Back to Future – Tark Vidya (Art of Debating)

  1. Interesting to read that Vedic studies encourages the art of debating. Necessary skills that we rely on both in our personal and professional lives.

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