Sunday Morning Thought – Abstract

Every moment in my life I thought I am right till that moment was old enough to be called as past and I am out of that mental set up. I don’t regret being wrong then and I don’t think if I were to live that moment again I would have thought differently. I think this is maturity. I think this is experience in life. I think this is what differentiates me from my elders and youngers. I misunderstood my elders several times and considered them less wise when they said things different than what I was saying. I argued and even tried to show disrespect to them for being less wise. Today I realize how idiot I was but still I don’t regret. I know my juniors do the same with me one day and my ego may get hurt at that moment but I will not feel bad. This is how life was, is and will remain for millions more years.

I don’t think I or anybody is surprised when things happen as you expect them to happen. So, if you expect a situation to be bad then you will be less affected wen the bad happens. Our great social scientists (Rishis) have researched these social challenges over years and have come of with a specific family structure which will avoid most problems and everybody has to sacrifice some to get a collective gain.

Why women were chosen to take care of family and mostly become homemakers? (Against women rights to chose their profession)

Why men are supposed to get out to do physical labor and gain maximum respect at home? (Undue advantage to men)

Women: The holder of strongest willpower, patience and stamina. Has the ability to manage any situation efficiently. Has more intellect and ability to think quickly. Has some physical challenges but still can work much longer than a healthy man can work. Hence they are referred as Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge), Lakshmi (Goddess of light/wealth/discipline/Food), Durga (Goddess of Victory over bad) and Kali (Goddess of Time).

This needed better education for women and high level of respect. Hence more hardship, discipline and training is needed for women at younger age. They need complete knowledge not specific. A woman must learn every subject and must study for a longer period of time than a similar age man. Woman must go thought physical education. Hence it is very expensive to raise a girl child than a boy. But by raising a girl child you are contributing to the society and helping build a very successful generation.

In several texts women are referred as Prakuti (Nature). Men as protector as well as enjoyer of nature. Men with their abilities has the only job is to protect women by fulfilling basic needs, emotional support and everything that can help them remain in best of their form.

If women have all natural power and they remain in power it may cause misuse of power. Hence they tweaked a little. Although women will have all the power and abilities, they must consult men before taking any decision. This way it can help maintain the balance. Men possessing more physical strength must be responsible to do all physical labor. Homemaking as one of the most difficult job (impossible for men) was assigned to women.

Why banaprastha ashrama (The phase of life after retirement from active job) advices you to not interfere in family matters unless asked to do so? (Not utilizing experience of elders)

Elders have most experience but it also comes with a monotonous thought. Due to experience they don’t suggest to take chances. If younger generation works in their terms will remain dependent for ever and will never come up with their own thoughts or ideas. This will cause death of innovation. This is bad for a society. But if younger generation fails and can’t come out of the situation then can always ask the elder for advice and guidance.

Why a matured society was allowing it’s aged elders to stay away from family at later stage of life (Sanyas Ashram)? (Ignorance to seniors)

The ultimate aim of human life is to get Moksha. An absolute peace of mind so that the energy released from body after death must absolve with the universal energy easily. Any complex form energy can not absolve and has to again get into human body to simplify itself. Hence to release the life-energy completely it is necessary to remain away from any kind of emotional bonding and meditate. This is impossible to achieve this remaining with family because it will cause distraction. Hence a proper ‘Sanyas Planning’ is needed during younger age to achieve it.


– Stray Dog


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  1. Sakti Bhai, Hope you are doing good I have been a lot inspired by your writings.. Here is one such thought in line with your communications in stray dog. Before posting, I thought of sharing with you first.. Cheers, Subrat


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