Life of an ordinary person

"Ordinary!! Hmmm!!", I gasped. "Am I considered as an ordinary person. I struggled my entire life to remain extra-ordinary by not accepting to anything that did not catch people's eye. I wore the best accessories that men can wear, I wore the best branded dresses I could afford, I chose my friends with great care … Continue reading Life of an ordinary person

2064 – My Encounter with Future

“Saagar!! Sagar!! Saaagar!! Sagar!!”, huge sound waves coming from the partially opened window. Sagar was unaffected by this affectionate roar of his fan following, as it is since past 20 years he has been hearing. Presence of this is not making his life any different and it must be hard for him to believe that … Continue reading 2064 – My Encounter with Future

Back to Future – Tark Vidya (Art of Debating)

“Why do you think you must apply shampoo to your hair”, Hiya asked “Because I will look good”, her daughter said. “What do you mean by looking good and why you want to look good”, Hiya asked. “Looking good means, where I look pleasant among my friends group so that everybody looks at me and … Continue reading Back to Future – Tark Vidya (Art of Debating)

Back to Future!!! – The End

“Ehh! Dirty! Why don’t you use some good quality toothpaste and a tooth brush. Don’t you feel bad to put that stick into your mouth. That powder’s color is so bad. I can’t understand why your parents can’t live life properly. They don’t have any less money compared to their friends and they are educated … Continue reading Back to Future!!! – The End

Tete-e-Tete with Past : Gossip

“I have the permission to take decision on how to raise the kid who is going to represent future generation, talk to customers representing my company, take decision about the future of engineers but do not have permission to communicate people on a fun activity using a specific medium. Can't understand the logic behind it.”, … Continue reading Tete-e-Tete with Past : Gossip

Letter from Future

Respected Dadu, I know this letter will not reach you because I am aware that you have left this world couple of decades back. Somehow I got access to some archived data of inactive accounts from and I found your blog in it. I had seen your young age photo and you had a … Continue reading Letter from Future

Back to Future … VI (Software Company)

Hiya requested me several times to visit her office and said that it will be an honor for her. I was bit reluctant but could not deny her. I was ready at 6:00 AM in the morning because the scheduled time for their office bus to reach the stop near my home was 6:15 AM. Old … Continue reading Back to Future … VI (Software Company)

Back to the future … V

“Hey, Why are you breaking the dividers? These people have not learnt anything in last several decades. They construct the road then dig it or break it. They do these to make more money. Contractor, Engineer and these politicians make our life hell. I am an old man, can’t see clearly, these obstructions on road … Continue reading Back to the future … V

Back to Future … IV

“Gire Huye log aur girte nahin hai” Shahrukh said when Dave was trying to lift the bicycle which fell on ground due to heavy wind. He meant, not to lift the cycle because as long as it is lying on the ground it will not fall again. Purushottam and Dave laughed loudly on Shahrukh’s comment … Continue reading Back to Future … IV

Back to Future… III

Coming back from Pune, Hiya’s home. I am Angry and upset with them.Reached railway station in a solar-powered but high-speed bus. I did not let Hiya or her Husband come along with me to drop me at railway station, because I am angry with them. Railway station was very different from past when I used to travel … Continue reading Back to Future… III

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