Drawing a Blank : End Results of a Performer

“Hey! Our best crisis cracker is here”, Jatin told when he saw Amit entering into the room. There is one critical issue raised by a very high-profile client. Client is anxious about the problem so we need to cool them down and find a clue on how to fix the bug at the earliest.

Looking at Amit’s best performance in these situations earlier he was called for help. He was put into the call immediately. Clients were as anxious as expected. Others in the call were surprised to find that Amit was blabbering in the call and talking non-sense. But somehow by the help of other members Jatin could calm the client down. Amit was put in action to fix the problem but he was not able to move an inch.

Suddenly Amit got up and said, “I am sorry. I am completely drawing a blank.” and left office leaving the rest of the team.

Some people who usually criticize Amit, took this incident as an evidence to prove their point and people who like him thought it was not his day.

Can anybody be at his best all the moment? Can life be good always to you? Can you hold the happy moment and have it under your control?

I am sure your answer is “no”. If not, then please let me know we can discuss on this topic. I will proceed further with an assumption that answer is “No”.

If you watch a good thrilling movie, the end result is obvious, ‘You will be Thrilled’. Now watch the same movie again, I am sure you will not be as thrilled as you were first time. If you watch it back to back, you may get bored soon. If you are forced to watch back to back, you will hate it.

Just look back to the questions I asked. We are trying to get the same or more thrills from life, ourselves and our emotions while we are observing it back to back.

You get up everyday morning and expect everybody to like you, you give sure shot solution to all problems brought in front of you, your every move remains the best among rest and you enjoy the day. So, you are expecting the same result from your day as you got in your last best day. But here there is no additional input from you except the expectations. You didn’t put efforts to learn better ways of handling things, enhancing your skills or doing a deep introspection from your failure of previous day. So, with same skills or knowledge as yesterday you can perform either same as or lesser than yesterday. But your expectation from you is more so you will fail to meet your expectation and be unhappy.

If you want to get best out of your life and yourself, it is necessary to give it sometime to prepare itself to perform better than yesterday. Rushing to remain the best can only make you a failure. There is no shortage of space in your brain to learn more skills or fine tune your existing skills. It just needs to take the garbage out so that your existing skills can get some free air to perform better. Here garbage is actually filled by expectations. Like ego, fear, affinity to something, comfort zone etc.


– Stray Dog



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