Last Day @ Work

"You are one of the greatest Professional I know" "You are a smart developer" "Your presence brought energy to the team" "You are the most enthusiastic person I have ever seen" "I wish you would not have left" "We will miss you" "Your loss is irrecoverable" A room full of colleagues giving farewell to Sanjeev … Continue reading Last Day @ Work

Mind your Language

"I feel there is a trust issue", I said. "Some people are not sure about your honesty", I added. In a casual conversation, I was sharing feedback to Sachin who is extremely dedicated, energetic and a go-getter. I could have waited for the formal one on one meeting to share this information but as part … Continue reading Mind your Language


"You were disrespected time and again in past years in public and private. When you protested you have been sidelined from core discussions. I am surprised not even once you escalated", I said summarising the conversation I am having with Shyahi. Shyahi recently reached out to me to get coached. A young girl from rural … Continue reading Helpless?

Desk and dusk

Ringing doorbell brings excitement with the hope of something new and wonderful for the kids in the house. Although there is some level of predictability, a large amount of guess works there as well. It is time for the mother to return from work; Maybe a courier guy because parents ordered something exciting for them … Continue reading Desk and dusk


Bangalore was not new for me but I could not recognize anything of it when I came back last year. I chose to stay close to my kids' school than office and that made my commute to work interesting. Interesting because I had to familiarize myself with the various routes, I had to understand the traffic … Continue reading Bangalore-Traffic-QuickRide-Me

Good मौनing

मौन Sarita started running towards their roof to get the socks while Manoj is busy polishing the shoes when they heard the school bus is honking near the gate. Pintu their younger child studies in an English medium CBSE school which is 17 Kilometers from their newly built home. His bus comes at 6:55 AM. … Continue reading Good मौनing


Opened WordPress after few weeks today.  The post that appeared first was 'Mighty'. Time in hand and desire to write something made me think who is mighty. I started searching mighter objects from pen to nuclear bomb, from sword to volcanic posts but still felt something was missing. Who or what is the mightiest of … Continue reading Mighty

Get Bored

Thoughts intertwined and entangled trying to come out of the rigid mind but unable to. They struggle for days, give up for days and again start the struggle with renewed energy but could not succeed at all in past few months. Today morning somehow a small thought managed to escape and came out. I thought … Continue reading Get Bored

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