Hope is a torch that can light up even the darkest part of your life; Past, Present or Future. If you lighten up the darkness of the past, it can transform it into learning, represent the cause of your strength, and make you feel proud that you overcame that period. If you put the spotlightContinue reading “Hope!”

A Secret!

The hustle-bustle of the mall looks fantastic after a year long lockdown due to the pandemic. The crowd and noise that was irritating earlier now feel good. Feels good that we are back to normal. Three kids passed running on the floor, caring little about the crowd. They looked so happy. They were going upContinue reading “A Secret!”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Sakti. I like listening, observing and understanding human behaviours, nature in general and the inherent rhythm. I share these through this blogs. I am a trained coach with 5+ years of successful coaching experience. I am working in IT industry for past 20 years in different roles but primarily as people management and project delivery leader.

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