Back to Future – Tark Vidya (Art of Debating)

“Why do you think you must apply shampoo to your hair”, Hiya asked “Because I will look good”, her daughter said. “What do you mean by looking good and why you want to look good”, Hiya asked. “Looking good means, where I look pleasant among my friends group so that everybody looks at me andContinue reading “Back to Future – Tark Vidya (Art of Debating)”

Happy Raam Navami?

I am standing wearing a dhoti and kurta. My thermocol topor which has two hanging objects on both sides are touching my cheeks and causing itching. Then bride (Monika) came sitting on a wooden plank. Her brothers were carrying that plank form all sides. She had hidden her face using two paans. We both were holdingContinue reading “Happy Raam Navami?”