Life of an ordinary person

"Ordinary!! Hmmm!!", I gasped. "Am I considered as an ordinary person. I struggled my entire life to remain extra-ordinary by not accepting to anything that did not catch people's eye. I wore the best accessories that men can wear, I wore the best branded dresses I could afford, I chose my friends with great care … Continue reading Life of an ordinary person


Out of my many show-off habits, one is to show that I am a very fit and energetic person. Friends in my close vicinity would agree with my statement. I had bought a bi-cycle couple of years back to use as my primary mode of transport to office and first hand tool to satisfy my … Continue reading Education!!

2064 – My Encounter with Future

“Saagar!! Sagar!! Saaagar!! Sagar!!”, huge sound waves coming from the partially opened window. Sagar was unaffected by this affectionate roar of his fan following, as it is since past 20 years he has been hearing. Presence of this is not making his life any different and it must be hard for him to believe that … Continue reading 2064 – My Encounter with Future

One Billion Rupees

"Your account credited with Rs. 1,00,00,00,000 on 5th May, 2013.", A bizarre habit of checking emails on smart phone when sleep gets thin made me look at my newly received text message which gave me shock of my life. Wanted to see the source of the money hence immediately started laptop to log-in to my … Continue reading One Billion Rupees

Back to Future – Tark Vidya (Art of Debating)

“Why do you think you must apply shampoo to your hair”, Hiya asked “Because I will look good”, her daughter said. “What do you mean by looking good and why you want to look good”, Hiya asked. “Looking good means, where I look pleasant among my friends group so that everybody looks at me and … Continue reading Back to Future – Tark Vidya (Art of Debating)

What’s in it for me?

Do we see everything that we can see? Do we hear everything that is told to us? Do we sense everything that happens with and around us? Answer is no. We can’t, even if we try to do so. Hence we naturally take a stand. We try to search for what is in it for … Continue reading What’s in it for me?

Letter from Future

Respected Dadu, I know this letter will not reach you because I am aware that you have left this world couple of decades back. Somehow I got access to some archived data of inactive accounts from and I found your blog in it. I had seen your young age photo and you had a … Continue reading Letter from Future

Purohit and Me

“Today is Krishna Paksha Dwadashi, 12th day since last full moon. As per your Bengali Calendar it is the 10th Day of Shravana Month. I am saying Bengali Calendar because, in Bengal months start from Sankranti. Sankranti is the day when sun leaves the region of one group of stars (Commonly known as Zodiac) and enters into another. … Continue reading Purohit and Me

Tete-e-Tete with Past … VII (Problem)

I was having a severe headache but disturbance in my mind was more disturbing that the headache. So, I went to the park for a walk and of course to meet Dadu. I found Dadu sitting there on our favorite bench. He is sitting straight. His right hand on a walking stick and left hand … Continue reading Tete-e-Tete with Past … VII (Problem)


“Beta, Can you get me one glass of water Please?”, Rohit asked Ved after returning home tired and exhausted. He had a tough day at office. There were no response from Ved. Ved was busy watching a song competition on Doordarsan. When Rohit requested again, Ved said, “You get it yourself! I am busy”. Rohit got up to get the glass … Continue reading Dilemma

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