Good and bad

“Good and Bad!!” “Good or Bad!!” “No I would say Good and Bad” “It is sometimes good to be bad and bad to be good. As goodness of good sometime hurts and badness of bad when predictable feels good”, Rohit, was blabbering,”What are you blabbering?”, I asked. “It hurts when somebody talks about goodness oftenContinue reading “Good and bad”

Back to Future – Tark Vidya (Art of Debating)

“Why do you think you must apply shampoo to your hair”, Hiya asked “Because I will look good”, her daughter said. “What do you mean by looking good and why you want to look good”, Hiya asked. “Looking good means, where I look pleasant among my friends group so that everybody looks at me andContinue reading “Back to Future – Tark Vidya (Art of Debating)”


“Beta, Can you get me one glass of water Please?”, Rohit asked Ved after returning home tired and exhausted. He had a tough day at office. There were no response from Ved. Ved was busy watching a song competition on Doordarsan. When Rohit requested again, Ved said, “You get it yourself! I am busy”. Rohit got up to get the glassContinue reading “Dilemma”

Happy Raam Navami?

I am standing wearing a dhoti and kurta. My thermocol topor which has two hanging objects on both sides are touching my cheeks and causing itching. Then bride (Monika) came sitting on a wooden plank. Her brothers were carrying that plank form all sides. She had hidden her face using two paans. We both were holdingContinue reading “Happy Raam Navami?”