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Happiness Coach with 5+ Years practice with 50+ happy and transformed clients.

Trained ICF coach with specialisation in leadership, relationship and career coaching. People manager by profession with 20 years of people development, mentoring and transforming experience.


Unleashing inherent potential, infusing happiness and transforming life

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The Happiness Channel dedicated to learn simple tips and tricks to lead a happy life. Several techniques which are explained in simple terms and applied to achieve greater results.


Author of a book dedicated to guide young professionals to be self sufficient and manage their own destiny. It has been noticed that many professional during the early career all prey to please their managers to achieve success. This is an easy reference to come out of that trap and be the master of own career through ethical means and smart work.

Blogger: Learning from Life

How to be RICH?

We encounter at-least one occurrence in a week (Now a days daily) where we hear somebody is seeking help. Somebody needs blood of our blood group, children and homeless elderly seeking support, people seeking job, small business seeking money or friends seeking some help. Social media has enabled us to seek help to an unknownContinue reading “How to be RICH?”

How to prepare for a crisis?

I always wondered, how much preparation for future is enough. Something like how much insurance is enough. What are we preparing for when we state preparing for future. Identity is at stake: Basic criteria of your identity are at stake, like your residence status, religion, caste, creed , sex, skin color or culture. Most ofContinue reading “How to prepare for a crisis?”

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