Letter from Future

Respected Dadu,

I know this letter will not reach you because I am aware that you have left this world couple of decades back. Somehow I got access to some archived data of inactive accounts from wordpress.com and I found your blog in it. I had seen your young age photo and you had a photo in your profile which helped me recognize your blog quickly. As you are my dadu (Grand father) and dadu-nati (Grand Father – Grand Son) relationship is something very special so my letter to you may contain some things which may look like disrespect to you but that is allowed in this relationship.

I am sorry to disappoint you but world has not changed as you expected it will one day. Now humans are living life, like insects. Only means for survival is to kill others, because available resources are almost nil. Natural Food is like a dream as soil on this earth has been poisoned by various industrial disasters and it is beyond repair. Availability of clean Water is so less that there has been several wars happening among various countries for this. We all breathe wearing masks all the time and poor who can not afford a mask die out of various disease as the air is polluted badly. As the basic needs for survival are remaining unfulfilled, morality and education etc have very little meaning.

Ancient science which was disrespected in your age has proven true but it is too late to use as world has reached the point of no return. Modern science has done great works but it missed taking a very vital issue seriously that is waste management. This earth is now filled 30% with various kind of toxic waste.

Corruption never left the country rather it grew stronger and can be seen in any country in this world. I do not want to disappoint you more in this topic  because I have another reason to disappoint  you.

Whom should I blame for this state of earth which is putting my life at risk? I know entire world is at risk but right now I am just thinking about my own. Who could have corrected things at right time so that we would have never seen this state of our earth?

It is you and your generation. I always respected you as my Dadu, but when I read the blog, I lost all respect. I thought you were ignorant about the problems hence had forgiven you but here I see you were very much aware of about the situation. But unfortunately rather than working on the solutions you just dreamt about a blooming future. Rather than preaching, you should have practiced it Dadu, then we could have lived life the way you lived. Parents and grand-parents are suppose to work hard and spend their life working so that their future generation can live life happily but you just enjoyed your life and forgot us. The only thing you left for us was a poisoned earth and some useless money. I am sure if you would have taken one step towards it then you could have saved some earth for us than money or property. 

If we would have had a time machine then we would have moved the clock to your time and start correcting the problems but unfortunately we do not have.

Anyway, by blaming you I can not help better the situation. You will be glad to know that I am working on solving the problem although everyone believes that it is impossible. But what is the fun in working if it is possible. Also, I did not marry because I do not think there will be anything left for my kids to se in this world.

Yours lovingly

Unfortunate Grandson


– Stray Dog



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2 thoughts on “Letter from Future

  1. Are we heading towards this way? I do not know. But one thing is so true about your blog that younger generation build future for any state. I saw an advertisement few days back where Father and son (10-11 years old) were in car going back to home. Father stopped the car in traffic as traffic signaled red, but did not stop the engine. Son said ‘Papa I want to become cyclic mechanic in future’ .Father starred him with stern look. Son ‘ Papa the way you people are wasting fuel, I don’t think there will be fuel after 10-15 years’. Father realized and stopped the engine. If we focus on smaller things in our day to day life, we can avoid so many shortages in future and secure good life for next generation.

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