Mahalaya – Invocation of Woman Power

Picture taken in 2005 at Maddox Square, Kolkata.
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Price rise, corruption, inequality and ignorance was bothering Bagmita since long. She believes that educated person is the one who is aware and alert. In her understanding awareness is when every information is validated by logic and science (Not only modern science). She was busy with kids, office and other household activities and always suppressed her wish to do anything against these enemies who are around her every moment. At 4:00 AM in the morning she was deep asleep and heard a very familiar as well as magical voice. By the time she came out of her sleep mode she realized that Vishal had switched on the Radio set and Kolkata All India Radio is tuned in as she heard Recorded Recitation of Mahisasura Maridni by Shree Birendra Kishore Bhadra. Since 1930, this recitation at this time is played on All India Radio Kolkata on every Mahalaya (Ashwin Month Amavasya tithi). So it did not take her more than couple of seconds to realize that today is Mahalaya. She has heard this recitation on every Mahalaya. There is something magical that made her happy while listing to this when she was a kid and when she understood the meaning she was more interested. But today it is giving her a different feeling. She is getting angry and furious by listening to Mahisarura’s acts. She is somehow relating all the tortures Mahisasura was doing to mankind with the problems that are putting the current generation off-track. She started imagining an invisible Mahisasura who is causing all the problems starting from terrorism to price rise. She was feeling as if somebody is calling her. She was unable to imagine that her kids will have to pay bribe to get their basic rights, they have to prove themselves as Bharatiya by supporting the majority sects sentiments, despite how much they earn, they will always be in ‘Hand-to-mouth’ situation due to price rise and they may not live their full life due to violence in various forms of terrorism. How much ever Vishal and she earns, they will have to go through an unfortunate old age due to price rise, broken social system and corrosion of values. She was trembling by now with anger. Suddenly she heard the stanza that said, “Jaago Tumi Jaago” (Wake up!! You Wake up!!). This is the verse to invoke Maa Durga to wake up and come to rescue the earth from the Mahisasura Menace. Bagmita was charged up and decided that she will do something for this society. She can not keep quiet while this world is going in an unfortunate direction.

Woman power has always rescued this earth by eradicating evil. Woman power is the complete power. It has Bhamhi Shakti to create new generations, values, traditions and philosophies, Vaishnavi Shakti to keep the house in order by maintaining these and Rudra Shakti to destroy the old non-performing values, traditions and philosophies. No evil can be eradicated without the Devi Shakti (Woman power) which constitutes all of he above. Once Devi Shakti is invoked, weapons to fight the evils will automatically be available to her as it happened with Maa Durga before doing destroying the evil named as mahishasura.  Mahishasura or any Asura in that matter always had great skill to disguise which is called as Maya. So there must not be any confusion in imagining that the evil forces in our society is nothing but one or more Asuras in disguise. When a man starts a movement he may have some more men with him but when a woman starts a movement there will be many more families.

Bagmita started a movement to cleanse the system as well as society from all evil forces.


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