Mr. MP Plant

Waiting on the road side for bus is not my regular practice but I thought of trying the city public transport to prove myself more grounded. I got to know from the fellow passengers-in-waiting that it will take another 15 minutes for the next bus to come. Although autorickshaws on the road were provocative but I still thought of sticking to what I decided. While waiting I plucked one dry leaf from a road side half dead plant and crushed it and I continued that couple of times. While waiting people doing weird things is not unnatural so I was doing a time-pass. When I attempted for 5th time to pluck the leaf, “Stop!!! Do you know who I am? I am the same plant which the your Member of Parliament had planted here last June 5th on environment day. I am not like any ordinary plant which you will play with while passing time”.

I laughed and said, “So you think you are Member of Parliament among the plants here. Ha Ha Ha!! You are no good than any other plant here my dear. Rather you are one of the unfortunate ones because if any farmer or gardener would have planted you then you would have been treated better that how you are treated currently.I can never understand why the people who can not take care of the plant ever dare to plant it. Most funny part is they take pride in doing this act. Huh!”

“Mosquito nets is pointing finger at the needle saying that it has one hole in it.”, it responded.

“What?”, I asked.

“Look at yourself my dear Manager and then point finger at me. You are working hard doing coding since last couple of weeks and you are thinking you are doing a great service to this universe and taking pride for that. It is nothing great!!! every programmer codes everyday and works  much more harder and smarter than you. If you wanted to code then it should be for the purpose of becoming more understanding, polite and modest. You must shed all your ego by doing this. This should be a practice to getting yourself grounded.

You are using public transport not to reach to your destination but to show or tell others that you are so great that you sacrificed personally hired transport which you can easily afford for the sake of remaining grounded. Show off is in your every cell.

Do not take pride in doing something which you can do. A king, minister should not take pride in serving the nation and all living beings in it. A adult should not take pride in doing things that a child can do. A senior should not take pride in doing things which a junior can do. If they do so then it is called as show-off.  If you do something impossible then you have the liberty and right to take pride in that.

And secondly, he who planted me is the culprit for my state but you people who see me dying everyday and do not take care of me are more guilty. Member of Parliament will not come here everyday to water me or take care of me but you people must. So do not hate them or laugh at me. Hate yourself and laugh at your incapability.

Go now, your bus has come”

I got into the bus and tried to enjoy the ride as any other. I thought about what Mr. MP Plant said. I realized how much I have to lose to become rich in human quality.


– Stray Dog


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