Life of an ordinary person

“Ordinary!! Hmmm!!”, I gasped. “Am I considered as an ordinary person. I struggled my entire life to remain extra-ordinary by not accepting to anything that did not catch people’s eye. I wore the best accessories that men can wear, I wore the best branded dresses I could afford, I chose my friends with great careContinue reading “Life of an ordinary person”

Journey To Bharat – II

Continued from Journey To Bharat – 1 I asked them, “Then, Can you please make arrangements for my trip? I can’t wait any longer”. Old man responded, “I have to get clearance from our home department to allow you go home. They checked you yesterday and found that 3 of your chakras are severely affected.Continue reading “Journey To Bharat – II”

Journey to Bharat – I

“Take good care of yourself Darling. I will return before you realize that I have left.”, I am trying to explain Monika as she was upset because I had to go to Boston for 3 Months on a training. Kids were happy as we all came to Airport together and they still did not realizeContinue reading “Journey to Bharat – I”