36, Sarovar Bunglows–Encounter

“People still dare to love? They still care for each other? They still make movies about love and emotions? Impossible. There must be some selfish motive behind these show offs. I am sure they are faking.” the wounded man uttered. He removed my hand from his shoulder with force and said, “Leave me alone”.

I was in a hurry to go to my kids school as they were about to perform and I was late. Unfortunately I had hit one old man crossing the road and he was hurt. Although my natural instinct advised me to somehow get rid of him and attend my kids performance but something stopped me. I got down from the car, felt sorry seeing his pain and felt bad when people who came to help him left him alone because he was mentally ill and stays on the footpath. Even some uttered that this old man has a habit of getting hit by some vehicle everyday. I closely observed him and found his body has many wounds. I called my wife and informed about the incidence and turned my focus towards this man. While I was trying to take him inside my car to take him to hospital, he was showing surprise about the care.

He kept on saying things which proved that he thought that this world as changed drastically. I ignored him assuming he is mentally ill and took him to a nearby hospital. Once doctor took care of the wounds and I convinced myself as I have done the duty I am supposed to do, I rushed to my kids school. Fortunately my kids performance has not started by then. I forgot the incidence and the person.

The very next day while coming back from office, I found that man standing on the road divider and was trying to cross the road. I parked my car and came to help him cross the road. When I first touched his and he threw my hand with anger but when he saw me he accepted by gesture. I just helped him cross the road but he had caught my hand by then. He did not loosen his grip. I just followed him. We walked for 300 meters and finally he went inside the gate of a big bunglow.  I was uncomfortable entering into anybody’s bunglow with a beggar but his grip had tightened by then. When I entered inside the bunglow I found it was the most untidy house I have ever seen. There were nobody. He took one key out of his pocket and opened the door. To my greatest surprise this was his bunglow. There were nobody in the house. There were many costly furniture but all were full of dust. He gestured me to sit on the sofa and went inside. We have not uttered a single word by then. He came with a glass kettle of hot water and 2 tea bags hanging from the kettle wall. he kept it on the center table and went again to get two beautiful glasses. He severed tea and I was looking at him with surprise. I did not think of offering him to help in making tea. He sat down with his cup and looked at me.

I made the eye contact with him for the first time. Two sparkling eyes from within an old and tired face. Is he for real the owner of this bunglow in this society of rich and famous? He does not look mentally ill, then why he roams around like a beggar on the streets? What might be the reason? All these questions were like dark clouds covering my mind.

— To Be Continued

– Stray Dog


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