A Day Dream 2030!!! – 2

Daksh was claustrophobic and he knew that. He started running here and there to search his family in different rooms. He went running to the kitchen and found the milk was boiling and nobody was there. He ran to check every bathrooms but nobody was there. He could see that bathrooms were used. He also saw small footprints of his son and daughter on the mats near the bathroom. He was less panic now and he understood that they might have been here few minutes back. But the main door locked from outside was strange.

Once he calmed down he heard the children singing song again. He realized that it was not a dream. He followed the sound and removed the curtain to see. He was amazed to see a big garden with mango, banyan, teak, mahogany trees all around. There are many cottages like a village. On a close observation he found that there is a canal flowing not so far away. He was both amused and confused. A strange scene broke his background thought. He saw his wife is coming with a pot rested on her right waist and held by her right hand. She was not alone but there are many other women. He could not believe his highly qualified scientist wife Dr. Seema who never allows kids drink water from any unknown source doing this. She was busy talking to other women and did not notice er husband peeing from the window. He also noticed that his kids are doing Surya Namaskar and other very essential yoga with bunch of other kids. Reciting mantra and singing song is also part of the exercise.

Then the door bell rang. He went to the main door and shouted, “Door is closed from outside. Please open”. Assuming it is his wife. But a male voice came from outside. “Please get ready we have a gathering in next 10 minutes. By the way, the door is not closed from outside. There is a button at the right side of the door which you need to press to open the door.”.

Daksh  immediately pressed the button and to his surprise he found the entire door going transparent and he could see everything outside. But when the released the button it came back to its normal form. But it did not open the door. Then he again pressed the button and this time harder, the door went transparent again and he saw his wife come from the other side. He shouted, “Seema, I am not able to open the door.”. But by the time he finished saying this his wife was inside the house. She just came through the door. Daksh was scared at this scene. How can one cross the doo without opening it.

Seema said, “Where is the door? and why are so tensed? This is such a nice place. Just brush your teeth and go to the river to take bath. It is the best bath I ever had. Kids have taken bath and doing morning activities. They have a nice school here too. We must come here permanently.”

“wait wait!! first of explain me what do you mean by there is no door.”, Daksh asked.

“First you go and brush your teeth and calm down. I will explain.”, Seema said.

… To be continued ( I promise Smile)


– Stray Dog


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