Life of an ordinary person

“Ordinary!! Hmmm!!”, I gasped.

“Am I considered as an ordinary person. I struggled my entire life to remain extra-ordinary by not accepting to anything that did not catch people’s eye. I wore the best accessories that men can wear, I wore the best branded dresses I could afford, I chose my friends with great care and none lesser than celebrity and I lived in best house in the town. I acquired enough money to spend on anything that my family wanted me to. I was in who’s who list of this town. Now at the fag end of my life you call me an ordinary person?”, I roared out of anger.

I could not see any dramatic reaction from the librarian and he murmured something which I could not hear. Not hearing is not uncommon now a days for me as I have been hard of hearing since past decade. I try to decipher from the gestures and respond most of the times. Many a times people find me rude and sometimes they find me extra kind as well. I don’t deserve any of these. I just guess and respond. Sometimes it goes right and other times it bounces back.

It is 82 years of life, India has come a long way from where it was when I was young. It is now called Bharat and people speak less English now a days. I never expected to see such a day in my life. I struggled my entire growing up years to learn how to unlearn my vernacular and learn English and now I am spending my ending years to remember what is something called in local language.

Brands, big international names, movies stars and cricketers were the ones my India has worshiped for many years but now it not the case any longer. Earlier we used to treat school teachers as people who never got any job hence got stuck here but now they are the most revered ones. They are the biggest celebrity. Cant believe I would see this in my life.

I expected progress but what I see is backwardness. Most of the schools are now boarding schools and they teach ancient scripts. They teach science as well but its different than the way we were taught. I remember what I was young I heard India launching 104 missiles in one go and everybody went super excited about it. Now I hear kids projects include cleaning up space to collect dead satellites hanging around in our orbit and destroy them. I thought there will be robots everywhere on streets when I will grow old but never knew that the concept of robots will be replaced by powerful human minds. People sitting under and meditating to get the things done with their unlocked super brain is amusing but does not match my class.

But moreover the cause of irritation is I who was a technical guru in my times is considered ordinary. I went to the city library this morning and advised them why did they stop their online library. The librarian said, “We are considered to be classy library and we don’t  entertain the online library which is of so ordinary taste”.

When I insisted she indicated as if I am an ordinary person.

I cant understand where people get so much of time now days to walk to a library to read books. These people have become useless.

“What happened Dadu?”, Vikram met me on the roadside and asked.

Vikram is my granddaughter’s classmate. These kids are asked to beg from the community for their one time meal of the day from their boarding school. They come to each house and beg for food grains and other raw materials for food and then they go back and cook food for themselves and teachers and eat. Can you imagine how low we have gone as a society?

I shared my frustration with Vikram.

“Dadu, society is now believing is earning. Everybody has to earn what they want to avail. You have to walk up to a library to read a book. You earned the right to read a book by making an attempt to walk all the way. This shows your sincere desire to read a book. Not like older days where people used to download hundreds of books and never read one because they never used to earn it.

We are school students earn our food by begging from our own which teaches us how important food is. Entire community gives us raw materials for food because they knew we will work for them when we grow up. Do you see kids now spending time on unnecessary electronic equipment? All because we know what is the value of everything.”, Viram shared.

He left as he has to collect food grains and others raw materials from 3 house at least before it is 11:00 AM.

This is what called advanced Bharat. Huh!!


-Stray Dog



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