2064 – My Encounter with Future

“Saagar!! Sagar!! Saaagar!! Sagar!!”, huge sound waves coming from the partially opened window. Sagar was unaffected by this affectionate roar of his fan following, as it is since past 20 years he has been hearing. Presence of this is not making his life any different and it must be hard for him to believe that this will stop one day.

I got introduced to Sagar by my Grandson as my grand son has a publication house and Sagar has tied up with his publication house. Rather I should say our publication house.

I never wanted my children or grand children to be into literature, books, publication etc. Such a boring stuff. Not sure how you spend time reading, writing etc but new generation and they don’t listen to anything. In our times the biggest fan followers are for cricketers and movie stars. But this new generation is hopelessly boring.

Sagar had invited me for afternoon tea. In my working years i never got any chance to spend afternoon or evening with family and friends as my job always wanted me to be actively present during that time at office. So I felt good that he is able to spend quality time with friends and family despite being at the peak of his career. Sagar is a writer of many top of the chart bestsellers. I asked him, “How do you enjoy this fan following”.

“Ohh this!”, he looked towards the window and said, “I enjoy it as it exist but my efforts are to remain unaffected. A writer can not stay attached to anything and do a good job. I believe King Janaka should be idol for all writers. sorry Rajarshi Janaka”, he said.

I looked at my grandson to understand who is this pop star Rajarshi Janaka and my grandson could understand my situation.

“Dadu, Rajarshi Janaka is Father of Sita Devi of Ramayana. He was one of the most influential king and saint of his time. He is the person who although stayed in palace and enjoyed all pleasures of a king but detached his mind from all these worldly pleasures. He was Raja (king) yet Rishi (Social scientist/ Saint).”, My grand son explained.

I was dumb-stuck, the young boys of late 21st century talking about all these when I thought the generations will take the thought process forward.

Sagar Said, “Dadu must be knowing all these. Anyway, Dadu, I am writing a new book on Ramayana age where it will mostly to uncover stories during that age besides the story of Ram and Sita. You may help me in providing any material you have. “, He said assuming that this old man must be very knowledgeable about the stories. But I knew that I spent entire life without even considering these are worth reading or knowing. I could not control myself hence exploded.

“I really do not understand the point of spending time of these unrealistic, boring and time killing stuffs. How can you think there was even a time when monkeys were flying in skies where they can cross hundred miles. A man having 10 head and a bear was the most intelligent among a group of monkeys and humans. Is it not a lie? If the story itself is hard to believe, how do you expect the society around that time can be researched. Are we not wasting time there. Rather why not think about something which is going to help the future generation. Are you getting my point?”

Sagar smiled and respectfully requested me to come along with him. I obliged. We went near the balcony. He opened the door and we went outside. Thousands of fans were outside. He waved his hands. A huge wave of sound came as the crowd was super excited to see him. He brought me inside and said, “This is the age of superior technology. We have everything that we need at our finger tip. We manage our home, talk to our friends and family, see each other, have the ability to reach anywhere in minute. Do you agree?”.

Technology has advance many folds in these years. earlier we used to use mobile phones, televisions, trains and now a ways they are extinct. Just few small tools as small as stylus can make you connect to people, see them in your virtual screen and talk. Everything is connected.Travel is no longer a public affair for people who are well to do. A lot has changed in the past 50 years.

“Yes I agree!!”, I said.

“Then why do you think there is a crowd outside. Why do you think they read my books which are mythology related. People realized fast, quick, now are not the right words for a better life. Reality as we see is not everything. Imagination is.

The word ‘Man’ comes from a Sanskrit word called ‘Manas”. Which means imagination. Man is distinguished from rest of the species due to imagination. Our all emotions are due to imagination. We can change out state of mind by imagining. When you imagine you exist as a man but if you try to understand the world as you see it then you are no different that any other animal. Practical, real all these do not make us more humanish, rather makes us more animalish. A cow, dog, cat or any other animal sees the world as it looks and has only worry of fulfilling the immediate need but a human can think beyond much beyond. hence Vedas, Bible, Quran are created. Hence the society. Hence we are the best among the rest of the species. So, it still makes sense. Isn’t it?”, Sagar said.

I was convinced to some extent but more surprised at the way the society is changing. Luckily some other visitors came and I tried to find my way our.


– Stray Dog


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One thought on “2064 – My Encounter with Future

  1. Sakti, I like thinking that imagination rather than reason is what distinguishes humans from other animals. And thank you for a post that takes us away from our daily practical routines, even if it’s for a moment.

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