Funny Sunny

Going for walk early morning is nothing more than punishment for Sunny. But he hardly has any choice. His wife’s strict instruction that he can not get the morning tea unless he walks at least for 2 miles early in the morning. He was out of ideas to survive this punishment but he was very particular about not telling lie also. So he had to walk for two miles everyday morning. He one day decided to do something’s that would make his wife tell him not to go for walk.

What could be that idea?


Published by Sakti

Simple living, lots of talking

One thought on “Funny Sunny

  1. 1st “today I have seen stray dogs biting one person. after that he came near to me but luckily escaped from the place.from tomorrow i will have stick with me.”
    If she is sensitive.. she will tell him not to go for walk.
    2nd “today i have seen one my college-mate, she stays near by with her husband. felt nice after meeting her, we talked about our college days”
    she will feel jealous.. she will tell him not to go for walk.

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