Banana Peel

“Jai Deva Jai Deva, Jai Mangal Moorthy….”, Beautiful song wave entered into my body and inspired me to participate in the Aarti that is being conducted at the society Ganapati Puja Pandal. I got to know that Aarti is about to finish. I ran towards the pandal. Newly constructed RCC road helped me running faster although lack of practise tried to pull me little bit. I tried my best to avoid all obstructions on the way and found my way in between cars parked and kids bicycle parked in the middle of the road. I was just two steps away from the exact location, I suddenly found myself mid-air and gravitational force has put all its concentration on me to pull me down. I landed on my posterior touching the ground first then shaking my all bones finally,  I was lying flat on the ground. Girls of all ages immediately took their hand to cover their face although their uncontrollable laugh was clearly visible. Gentlemen in that place were not gentle any more as they laughed loudly.  It seemed as if Ganapati instructed people to stop Aarti and divert attention towards me. But fortunately, suddenly all realized their mistake and turned their focus towards Ganapati. Some caring people helped me get up. My first task at that point was to identify the cause of my fall so that I can pour my anger on it. It did not take me much time to realize that the cause of the great fall was a Banana Peel. It was still lying their proudly with its limbs spread in all directions. I was extremely angry on that as well as the person who has thrown that on the road. There were no ways to find that person so I focused all variety of negative emotions coming out of me on that Banana Peel. I picked it from the road and threw it on the road side dustbin.

Body ache due to the fall was unbearable but the humiliation was over powering the physical pain. I woke up the next morning and went on a short morning walk to bring milk before kids get up. On the way I noticed the Banana Peel was still lying the way I had thrown it the previous night. I asked, “Now you rot there. Your fate will always be to get rotten for causing so much humiliation to me.” and I continued walk. “Excuse me!!!”, I heard. Turned back to see the Banana peel was talking to me “I did not do anything to humiliate you. My job was to help you realize the amount of weight you are carrying with you.”. I said, “My weight is normal. So I do not need any weight-loss program.”. “I am not talking about your physical weight. I am taking about the weight you carry for being yourself. The weight that makes you do everything that is undesirable from you. The weight which you people name as ego. The humiliation that you are feeling is because, you felt the pain because the fall shook your ego.” Banana Peel said.

“I do not carry any negative ego. I am not an egoistic person.”, I explained. “True to your belief but not an absolute truth. Have you ever realized, how you grown ups get tired earlier than your kids despite doing les physical effort? You people think it is because you spend a lots of energy in thinking which kids do not do, but most of the thought that you process in a day is to just maintain your ego. Just to ensure you remain yourself as you wish to portray in front of others. Your looks, speech, walk, body language is not as natural as kids. You manipulate them to impress others or convince others. You put most of your efforts in that process. Just think about it you will realize.”, Banana peel said.

I said, “I agree to some extent but all those are necessary to remain in the position where we are and to progress. These are called soft skills. These skills are necessary to survive in current world. I do not want to get rid of it.”

“I too do not want you to get rid of it but just want to help you realize that these exist. This will help you remain grounded. Hope you will forgive me for my act and it was purely intentional.” It explained.

I could understand what it meant and appreciated the fact that realizing the weight I am carrying will help me get rid of unnecessary ones.


I continued my walk to get the milk because after 6:30 AM getting cow milk is difficult at the milk both.


– Stray Dog 


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2 thoughts on “Banana Peel

  1. How long, do you think one can survive with mind full of petty jealousy and egoistic ideas? Either you realize by self-motivation or Nature will facilitate by sending Banana peel on your way. Sooner or later, one has to realize it :).

    Bravo! Very few writers can write positive things by different angles otherwise there are plenty who goes on writing/filming/singing for the sake of artistic satisfaction. You are ahead of them, beyond artistic satisfaction! It is difficult to explore same positive Nature in everything around us. Keep the good work up Sakti bhai!

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