Looking Through the Window

Looking through the window was a hobby for many when I was a kid. After lunch my mother used to spend one extra hour in the kitchen to set it in order. Then after a small 30 minutes nap she used to spend her entire afternoon knitting sweaters for us, our relatives and sometimes distantContinue reading “Looking Through the Window”

A Day Dream 2030!!! – 2

Daksh was claustrophobic and he knew that. He started running here and there to search his family in different rooms. He went running to the kitchen and found the milk was boiling and nobody was there. He ran to check every bathrooms but nobody was there. He could see that bathrooms were used. He alsoContinue reading “A Day Dream 2030!!! – 2”

A day dream 2030!!! – 1

Daksh’s life is busy. Everyday travel to office sharp 8:00 AM. Just after kids leave for school because he wanted to avoid the traffic with a promise to his wife that he will come back by 4 before the home returning traffic takes its ugly shape. But his wife is confident that it will neverContinue reading “A day dream 2030!!! – 1”

36, Sarovar Bunglows – Poverty

My mobile phone has alarm set at 5:30 AM every weekdays. I enjoy couple of hours more sleep during weekends just to pamper myself. But this Saturday was different. I woke up early in the morning without an alarm clocks buzzer. I was excited to meet Girish but I realized that I had not fixed a timeContinue reading “36, Sarovar Bunglows – Poverty”

36, Sarovar Bunglows–Ice Breaker

“Uncle! Since when…”, I tried to start the conversation but was interrupted by him. He said with a stern voice, “Don’t try to build relationship. I am not your uncle. Just call me Girish. I hate when people try to build relationships without understanding the meaning of it. I hate relationships. People just try toContinue reading “36, Sarovar Bunglows–Ice Breaker”

36, Sarovar Bunglows–Encounter

“People still dare to love? They still care for each other? They still make movies about love and emotions? Impossible. There must be some selfish motive behind these show offs. I am sure they are faking.” the wounded man uttered. He removed my hand from his shoulder with force and said, “Leave me alone”. IContinue reading “36, Sarovar Bunglows–Encounter”

One small love story : Rahul

“Am I not worth?  Am I born to die alone? Is being good not good enough? Why people don’t understand me? Why there are nobody in this world to understand my feelings?”, Questions cloud has covered Rahul while he was staring at the picnic spot way below. He was standing on the cliff.  He neverContinue reading “One small love story : Rahul”

My 3 Wishes

My work demands me to work late in the evening. To ensure I get some personal life I start for office late. Yesterday was no different. I reached home at 9:30 PM and continued checking my e-mails via my smart phone frequently. My wife was waiting for me to have dinner together. After dinner my wifeContinue reading “My 3 Wishes”

Cost Cutting

“Looking at the expenses it looks like we have to do some cost cutting. This is extremely necessary for our survival. May be once the situation is better we will give some bonus”, Chief Financial God said. Chief Executive god asked Chief Technical God, “Can you tell me out of the current facilities that areContinue reading “Cost Cutting”