I selected a big chunk lines of software program code and I was about to delete by hitting on the delete button as I am in the process of rewrite. A software which had served 30+ years to humanity is being rewritten for better efficiency and maintainability. I was feeling proud of myself for being given this exciting task. I can delete the lines of code which were written by some experts at one point of time and write my own in place of theirs. I went to office early in the morning to do this task as I wanted complete silence while doing this. Suddenly I heard a sound, “How can you be so merciless? Can’t you make me better than getting rid of be completely.”. It didn’t take me more than a second to realize that this old code was raising its concern but as it has very little power at this point so it sounds like a request. “I have served this healthcare industry, humanity and this company for last several decades. I was created by great minds of that time with whom you can not compare your best programmer also. You think you can write a better program which can serve as efficiently as I do? No way my dear. You may hate old but can’t be as good as old.”.

“Who said you will not exist? You may not exist in the current form but will certainly exist. When did I say that I hate you because you are old? I have great regards for you. Do you think I am creating anything new here? No! I am taking all the values, beliefs and learning from you and just shaping them into a new form. Old never dies it just changes forms.”, I explained.

“I am glad that you have understood it properly. I was just testing you. This is something which can be applied everywhere in your life. Some times, some relationships do not work despite best people being involved with their best intentions. Do not blame people in those instances. It is the combination that did not work. You must try your best to maintain it but if it affects all involved negatively despite best intentions then it is necessary to break the old chains and  move forward. A broken relationship is not the end of the world. It is the beginning of a better world. People may separate but the learning that life gives while in relationship is immortal. Future relationships are built with these learning. Sometime god brings two people together not to create the best couple but to teach something to both of them before they separate.

You can consider the state of your country. Many incidences happened and happening which are not good but  these are the ways supreme power teaches countrymen and women on what is good and what is bad for nation building so that the new generation can recreate a new nation.

But in any kind of rewrite or recreate process if the person responsible ignores the learning from the old and tries to build something new then failure is inevitable. I hope you remember this while doing the rewrite. Do not think because you are replacing the code of one expert, you have become an expert. You have to work hard to become one. Like, because you have become a father, you are not as wise as your father. Remember these, I will help you write better code.

Good Luck my dear friend, continue your work.”


– Stray Dog 


Published by Sakti

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8 thoughts on “Rewrite!!!

  1. Sometimes a generation has to create a new code as it adapts to a changing world. I’m constantly learning but forever behind, never understanding codes well enough. Well written article. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sakti, what a creative idea to turn the programming code into a being with feelings. Loved how you then used the rewriting of code to make an illuminating statement. You have a gift of turning everyday experiences into lessons about life. Keep writing!

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