My 3 Wishes

My work demands me to work late in the evening. To ensure I get some personal life I start for office late. Yesterday was no different. I reached home at 9:30 PM and continued checking my e-mails via my smart phone frequently. My wife was waiting for me to have dinner together. After dinner my wife went to bed while I was busy reading emails and responding to the important ones. All the lights were off and the only light at that point was coming from my smart phone. As soon as clicked on send button for the last email I saw a bright light covered the entire house. I could not see anything due to the brightness. I was shocked as well as scared but could not think anything. I could see a star like image in-front of me. I heard a gentle but loud voice.

You have been granted with 3 wishes. You have 3 minutes to think and wish. No return and no exchange policy applies.  

3 minutes and 3 wishes. Oh my god. I did not like to spend time on validating the authenticity of this. Just started thinking about my 3 wishes but could not think of any. I thought let me ask him to come back later but then thought if he never comes back, so I stopped. I had already wasted couple of seconds by now. So I had to hurry up.

Money can satisfy my most of the worries. Now a days you can buy anything if you have money. I know money cant’ buy happiness and peace but I have the wisdom to get them. So money should be my first criteria. I can make all my friends, family members, relatives happy if I have money. I need not spend so much time at work also, if I have lots of money. So I can spend time with family and friends more. Although I never believed that money can solve all problems but at this moment I am convinced that it can. Okay, it is final that I need money. So my wish would be, I need enough money as soon as I need. Now I have to think of two more wishes.

Knowledge, If I have knowledge about everything then I can do whatever I wish. I can use my money and knowledge to build a big business empire. Then my money will grow always. No more thought about this. My second wish would be, I should have complete knowledge of the subject as soon as I think of anything.

Now, the third and last one. I was bit confused whether to ask prosperity or health. Then I though prosperity will anyway come if I have money and knowledge. health might get negatives affected. So my third and final wish would be, I should stay healthy always.

There were couple of seconds left for me to announce my wishes. So, I quickly said,

I should have enough money whenever I need.

I should have enough knowledge on the subject as soon as I think of anything.

I should stay healthy always

Immediately I heard,

You already have all these. Time’s up.

The light vanished and I was back to the original situation. I could not understand what he meant. May be I should think from now on to ask for good wishes if I get an opportunity again.


– Stray Dog


Published by Sakti

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7 thoughts on “My 3 Wishes

  1. This post really struck home and made me think. Sakti, thanks for continuing your inspirational anecdotes!

  2. Thats very true! Though we have enough money to lead the life, still the Human being look for more and more money. That’s the human desire.

  3. your first wish should be, grant me 100 more wishes,
    second – fulfill my wishes whenever I ask for it.
    third – I should stay healthy and alive untill I fulfill my 100 wishes. 🙂

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