Cost Cutting

“Looking at the expenses it looks like we have to do some cost cutting. This is extremely necessary for our survival. May be once the situation is better we will give some bonus”, Chief Financial God said.

Chief Executive god asked Chief Technical God, “Can you tell me out of the current facilities that are provided now, which one can be stopped without affecting much. In past when we had similar situation we had taken tail off from the humans and they are doing pretty good without it.So, what do you think the next one should be?”

After a serious thought and 15 minutes silence, Chief Technical God said, “We have given 5 senses to humans and at this point it looks like sense to smell is mostly misused. We have given that smell to people to differentiate between good and bad. between fresh and rotten. But human race is now capable enough to fake a rotten one with a good synthetic smell. So the sense to smell is no longer useful to them it seems. I would say let’s take that facility out.”

Chief Human Resources God interrupted, “I am sorry, we can not just take one facility out without consulting the affected people. Let’s do a vote.”.

Chief Financial God said, “I am sorry but that will not help us anyway. Nobody will ever like to not have one facility which they are availing since past several thousand years. So let’s just do it”.


Dear Reader,

As a human what will be your reaction and if you have to provide some alternative, which one would you choose in place of sense to smell?

Please comment. I will convey the message.



– Stray Dog


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