Express Yourself : Meditation Series

Bramha-rishi is the highest form of the spiritual scientist as per Indian philosophy. Very few gain this title.

Brahma-Rishi Viswamitra of Gayatri Mantra fame was not born rishi. He had to do many of the toughest Tapasya (penance) to reach a higher order of rishi to gain all the powers a rishi could get. He could reach maha-rishi, the second highest order in spiritual scientist rank. But he was determined to reach the highest order.

His purpose of getting Brahma-rishi was to defeat Brahma-rishi Vashist. But despite all attempts, he could not achieve it.

After several attempts, he realized that he had not expressed his weakness. He meditated upon it to realize his most profound weakness was to take revenge, defeat somebody, punish somebody, teach a lesson to somebody. Despite all his efforts, he could not get to the highest order due to this weakness. Then he contemplated, ‘the very reason I did all these is to take revenge, but I can not reach this level without getting rid of the thought of this revenge.

But.’ as a social scientist, he realized his service to the world would be more meaningful than taking revenge. He mediated to get rid of the thought of revenge, and he reached the rishi of the highest order and made a lot of discoveries in the spiritual world that is still helping the human race.

Your vulnerabilities, fear of exposing your weaknesses, those hidden tears of expression must be out for you to live a free life. How much ever the intellectual knowledge you gather, you will be incomplete without your ability to expresses your deepest wounds, aching guilts, and sincerest confessions.
Expressions are tricky because you don’t find that trustworthy person who can give you those non-judgemental ears in need of critical expressions. That leads to the second-best opportunity to write them down in your journal and write as if nobody were reading. But the expression is a must.

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Many people think sitting quietly and stopping the random thoughts is called meditation, and many declare that is impossible for them to do; hence they don’t like meditation. With my limited knowledge, I would like to share what I consider meditation.

Identifying your deepest scars, weaknesses, guilts and expressing them to somebody you trust is the essence of meditation. Let the tears roll, let the wound be visible, let you stand naked in public, but the expression is the must.


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