Enjoy every bit of belonging : Meditation Series

A kid playing with a punctured tyre he acquired from a dustbin next to his house became the talk of the Basti. He is not eligible to work due to his disability; hence his parents leave him alone at Basti and go to the nearby construction site. A half pant, swollen belly, thin limbs, and a big smile is his identity. He is an expert in making the tyre go in any terrain using just one hand. His friends in the Basti are jealous of him. Even the kids in the nearby apartments. They can’t resist but follow this kid running around balancing the tyre. Even if you stop him to ask something, he will not let the tyre fall. He will go around you or make the tyre go around him, but at no condition, it should stop.

P.C. Sayali Patil Quora.com Post

When he was younger, his parents were working for an apartment next to a railway track. As usual, he was playing all day. He found a small puppy under a stationary goods train on the railway track. He went slowly and extended his hands to grab the puppy and make it his own. The puppy was scared and was pulling itself out, and suddenly the train started shunting, and his left hand got trapped under the wheel. He cried a lot, but there was nobody to hear. It was trapped under the monstrous steel wheels for more than half an hour, and when it was released, he ran to his parents and then to the doctor. The only option left was amputation.

He is the one-handed tyre hero of the basti and nearby areas. Kids whose parents bought them PSP, XBOX, cricket kits, and many other expensive sorting equipment were jealous of him. They wanted to play with him, compete with him, and someday win in a tyre race. But these unfortunately educated, well-to-do parents could never understand. They used to follow him and see how he balances the tyre over a railway track, on a rough road, rolling over potholes, rocks, and stairs.

One day a news channel featured him, and help started pouring from all over the world. He got admission into a good school. He and his parents are now living in a housing society built by them for the poor migrants. He wears a uniform to school and otherwise also dressed. But he did not leave his iconic half pant and tyre. It still roams all over the city and attracts kids to play inexpensive outdoor games.

Not sure what caught your attention in the above story, but whatever caught your attention most determines your heart set.

  • Suppose you were sad about his financial condition, you cherish material pleasures more.
  • if you are proud of his expertise in rolling a tyre, you value human capacities more than others.
  • If the kids all around following him are what you felt more excited about, you respect fame and attention the most.

Acknowledge and appreciate your choice and work towards it. Nothing wrong with any of these; wrong is when we deny what we like, wrong is when we encourage falsehood for the sake of being idealistic. Being honest to ourselves is the biggest form of meditation.

Another point I would like you to pay attention to. It is not his poverty or amputated hand that made him popular. Instead, those were the setups for him to lead a pathetic life, but his passion towards one positive thing and just one positive thing, how trivial it may be, made him deny the predestined life and create his destiny. He enjoyed life with whatever he had. He valued his belongings, whether the punctured tyre, worn out half pant or his ability to make a tyre roll. He valued them and did not choose different things on different days to entertain himself. He valued his belongings so much that they became his identity.

Many people think sitting quietly and stopping the random thoughts is called meditation, and many declare that is impossible for them to do; hence they don’t like meditation. With my limited knowledge, I would like to share what I consider meditation.

Identifying where your heart is, what you already have, and making most out of it day after day without adding new entertainment tools is a form of meditation. Enjoying every bit of your belonging is meditation.


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    Sakti no words to describe my feeling after reading this. I can only applaud at this moment.

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