Free from Bondages : Meditation Series

A nice cool breeze in the summer morning feels like cuddling the pillow and sleeping for some more time, but a burning thought where an action that is expected from you else you may get ridiculed doesn’t let you rest few more minutes.

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You prepare an entire day perfecting your content and yourself for that one meeting to avoid any negative comment from an individual, and you do nothing but that one work entire day.

You remain on your toes to ensure nothing goes wrong the entire day to avoid negative feedback from that one approver.

You act to avoid a negative reaction from that approver, and you feel your day is the best day when that approver appreciates you. That approver can be anybody. It may be your wellwisher or your worst enemy. It may be your spouse, manager, parents, in-laws, children or anybody.

You live your life to satisfy that one individual. You don’t quit that relationship or leave those people despite torture because your only aim in life is to get positive feedback from that individual.

There are many suffering from domestic violence, and their reason for sticking to that relationship is not because of love or duty but waiting for that approval. They have never thought of their life beyond the purpose of achieving approval from that one individual.

Many hate their manager, supervisor but still continue to stick to the situation. Not because of their devotion to the company or helplessness of not getting a job anywhere but to get approval from that individual.

It’s not just other people; certain environmental situations drive you crazy. You do not stay in your usual self. Your goodself exits when you encounter such environmental condition. For some, when they see mud or dirty water or they step into dirty water or mud, they get out of their mind. Some individuals turn crazy when they hear somebody behind them is honking. Anybody shouting at our dear ones or joking about our near ones get some people angry.

Sometimes your own beliefs about your body, financial situation, standard of living becomes the cause of turning on your negative self. You live in that body or situation but you hate it. This is also a bondage.

These are bondages. The moment you are not in your own self, but any external individual or situation turns you into a different self, its a bondage.
Many do not even realize that they are in bondage.

If you spend a day identifying the bondages you might be having and listing them down, you will immediately find your outlook towards the world will change completely.

When you analyze each of those bondages and try rationalizing your behavior in such situations, over some time, you will find these bandages will vanish, and you will behave at your good self even in such situations or with such people. Some will take less time to be freed from, and some may take longer if you keep trying judiciously.

Many people think sitting quietly and stopping the random thoughts is called meditation, and many declare that is impossible for them to do; hence they don’t like meditation. With my limited knowledge, I would like to share what I consider meditation.

Identifying your bondages, listing them down, rationalizing each of them till they vanish is the essence of meditation.


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One thought on “Free from Bondages : Meditation Series

  1. Nice once! the problem I see is the approval from others or comparing with others leads to distorts our own thought while we look at us. So it needs honest eyes to look at ouselves.

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