At 11:30 PM on weekday bunch of men at their mid-thirties shouting, laughing, scolding and getting emotional. Nobody has patience to listen to the other completely as their own story to share took precedence over the others. Audience were shifting attention from one to another as soon as some interesting words were heard from any mouth. millions of topic to discuss but hardly anytime to listen but everybody is feeling energized, heard and happy. Yes it is the reunion of friends after 15 years.
Something about friends which I heard many a times but realized after 36 years that it’s like train tracks. They all follow their own track to destination after leaving originating station and when they meet it seems as if they were always together. Complains about each other even if they exist, they exist like that particular birthmark which exists but hardly bothers and in true sense these marks are the identities. Whether you like or dislike, you know how your friend will react in a certain situation.

train tracks

A get-together after 15 years of separation (with some minor encounters) made me realize that all have grown in their career, intellect, knowledge and responsibility but left the original college character untouched and preserved. Many were in touch with others and many were never in touch but the atmosphere after 15 years was as young and vibrant as it was 15 years back in that college where everybody was penniless in most days of the month.
If life can change anything that is your understanding about rest of the world and about you. But understanding about friends never change. You never rediscover your college friends. They are fully understood and that’s a pure understanding.
The discussions after 15 years were not as bold and carefree as it was in college days for many who once thought life is something which should be taken lightly again at the same time friends who were taking life super seriously have turned out to be casual abut life. I am not preaching here whether being serious about life is good or being casual is, but the truth is the life outside has taught us many which we were not aware when in college.
Many have seen difficult times which were unbearable at that time to handle alone and many had joyous moments which were undervalued due to absence of friends, were discussed as openly as one could and others listened and acknowledged knowing that they were guilty at one moment or other. It was as if, everybody washed their hands in a river knowing that river will take the guilt and pains away..
Life is interesting and painless as long as we look back at those moments but definitely present moment is too impatient to understand that fact.
Good Luck Friends!!!


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2 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. Sakti, that is so true. I like what you said that even if someone has a trait that you might dislike, it’s like a birthmark that you just accept. The wonderful thing about these college friends is knowing how they will react, and about they also knowing how you will react.

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