Ohh! Womania

“There is nothing called happily married. You can either be happy or married”, one friend of mine said.

This triggered several jokes on marriage and how a man suffers after the marriage although with an activated comic bone.

I did not laugh any less or contributed any less. As I was a forced bachelor at that moment, I thought of watching unlimited television after returning home. Which my wife and children never let me do uncontrollably.

As usual I watched more advertisements than the actual content in 2 hours but what really stuck to my mind is the advertisements where children complaining about their mother being not knowledgeable enough to know that milk’s calcium goes waste without a specific malt based powder, mother is not knowledgeable about proper way or benefits of brushing the teeth etc. Kids in the advertisements complaining about their mother. This really did not make me comfortable so I felt like listening to radio instead. The music one after the other was talking about woman as an object and definitely alcohol as a context.

These series of events made me think. If we think women have been suppressed all these years and society has really progressed to liberate woman in 21st century then I am sorry to say we are wrong. We might have allowed women to walk freely (not talking about woman abuse as I stay at Baroda and I see a very different atmosphere than what is claimed to be in Delhi and other cities) but how we look at them and where we place them in society is more important.

Women might have got the freedom to come out of home and social boundaries to work and enjoy but the respect for them in the eyes of men and society has been very disturbing from what I understand.

Every woman is objectified everyday this is really a disturbing thought. And if I try to churn this disturbance then it will create a thousands of debates or add to existing millions of debates with no productive result hence I will not do that.

Being a maintenance guy for past 15 years I would like to go to root cause not the symptoms seen on the surface. A very scientific creator created man (Purusha) and Women (Prakruti) to ensure a proper balance and cycle is maintained throughout. Purusha or the man is the doer of everything. Prakruti is the influencer/motivator for everything. Purusha is kind of mass which is absolutely needed to get the things done but it can’t move an inch without energy. Example in order to watch Television you need a Television but without electricity it is nothing but just a mass.

We can not equate men and women as Television and Electricity but similar. Every man has a portion of purusha and a portion of prakruti. This proportion varies but mostly prakruti is in a lesser percentage than purusha. Women have a major portion of prakruti and they are the source of energy that helps human procreation.

Purusha despite the strength needs prakruti to drive every action. This is seen not just in humans but in animals. The only difference between animals and humans is that Humans can think beyond the situation that is called imaginations. Imaginations make humans as the greatest species on this earth. These imaginations cause Purusha to think women or prakruti which drives them can be under their control. This imagination also makes the Prakruti think that these purushas which are driven by them can be utilized as per their need.

This causes the problem.  Prakruti or Nature always has to go through lot of pains hence it needs Purusha to protect so that it can survives. It is not easy to protect the nature, it needs sacrifice. You can not protect nature if you utilize it for your enjoyment. You can protect it if you think it is essential for your survival and should be treated with love. Purusha on the contrary needs direction and motivation. It is the duty of prakruti to give the right direction and motivation. Like if you leave garden unattended which has enough resources to survive by its own may grow Hay-ware. Here both Purusha and Prakruti have to control their natural instinct to help protect each other and ultimately to help themselves.

This might have helped me understand the basic nature and cause for the problem but the solution is far from reach. These protests, laws and television debates can not help stop the untold and cold  war between men and women. Hypocrites are mostly ruling this war. The real problem has not be thought of so far. But I can say this war is going to kill this society one day. If we as a race do not stop our race for materialism and ‘self’ satisfaction mode we are going to destroy everything. A human who does not care about the surrounding, nature and people around can not ever think of a good society. An woman who does not realize the power within and righty utilizes that to control the surrounding can not help the society to survive.  A society can not go to any direction without the consent and efforts by women in the society. If a society is going in wrong direction then I am sorry to say that some women have given the consent or as contributed to that. The same applies when a society goes in the right direction as well. Men have to think of the men who objectify or disrespect women as lesser men and look at them as sick people but unfortunately most of the men look at them as men with guts and power or take them casually.

This is the responsibility of parents to raise their kids carefully because what you are seeing in TV or radio are the true universities from where our kids are getting graduated every day. I fear they are getting masters degree in considering women as objects and men as enjoyers.

I am fortunate to have known many strong women close to me and I am highly inspired by them and lucky to know what women can do. If 10% of our women population becomes like them then this world will be a different place all together. It is not needed to convince men that women are the controller of this universe and not to waste time there. Rather just carry the right intention and goal and control the world.


– Stray Dog


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