Summer – View and Counterview

“Ram Naam…”, while going to spend weekend in an easy way without putting pressure on self declared delicate bodies and minds in a near by mall in a air-conditioned car, we passed by a group of people. They were carrying a dead body of a teenager who died due to sunstroke. A small kid grabbing a half used drinking water pouch from the roadside while her younger brother trying to snatch it for fun. A 70 years old lady trying to cross the road under this 43 degree centigrade and nobody is willing to stop the vehicle to let this lady cross the road. Many people waiting in the bus stop and rushing to catch the bus as soon as it arrives stamping on each other with a desire to reach home early.

Do these incidents have any meaning for me? I have the luxury to live a comfortable life and these people who are suffering around me for some or other reason should not bother me. Neither i am responsible for them nor they ever expected me to be anyway responsible for them. I did not get the luxury what I have  by snatching anything from others rather by my hard work. I too have spent months walking entire day under the hot sun and dying to find some drinking water at times. If anybody would have helped me by giving me air-conditioned environment at that time I might not have got the motivation to work hard so that I feel the heat even when I have all luxury today. The most I can do is wait for the old lady to cross the road, help buy some drinking water for passerby’s or help some social service organization to set up drinking water stalls. I can not help them by standing under the hot sun and torturing myself or not having fun when I have time to enjoy. Sounds perfectly logical to me.

But what about my kids. Will they ever experience the pain of not having resources to comfort? Can I ever let them feel the heat which might get fatal at times? Can I dare to let them face all the pain? If not how will they get the fire within to not relax when there is comfort rather fight and compete with self when even every desire is fulfilled. If they don’t do that they will not be as successful as their potential and I will feel guilty for not raising them well. I remember the small story where the greatest warrior as well as teacher ‘Dronachaya’ lost from his student ‘Arjuna’ because teacher spent long time in the palatial comforts and the student due to various incidents spent time in forest hence learnt to stay strong against all odds. Comfort always kills your talents and skills unless you have learnt to keep yourself burning while enjoying all comforts.

The flame of passion does not always need the torturous environment to develop, it develops with the kind of dreams you have in your eyes. As parents, guardians and seniors its our duty is no help create the environment that would let young ones see the dreams and dare to see the dreams. At the right time you can do the litmus test to ensure if it is there or not. I too got all comforts when I was a kid but when time came and self respect bothered me I had to avoid the comforts to see the world all alone and feel the heat. It is too early to worry about the environment but absolutely right time to show kids the clues to think and dare to have far reaching dreams.



-Stray Dog


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