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Painting of Krishna, Arjuna. (Bhagavad Gita)
Painting of Krishna, Arjuna. (Bhagavad Gita) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

devan bhavayatanena, te deva bhavayantu vah

parasparam bhavayantah, sreyah param avapsyatha 

– Verse 11 Karma Yoga Shree Bhagwat Gita

“What are you reciting Steve? I can’t understand. This sound does not sound similar to what we speak.”, Jerry asked his friend sitting on the verandah.

Steve said, “It is the grand-father of all Bharatiya languages Jerry. This is called as Sanskrit. Most of the languages are derived from this language. You will find a great influence of this language in many western languages as well. They say, this is Deva Bhasha which means Language of gods. This stanza what I recited is a stanza from Bhagwat Gita. A poetry which teaches how to live life.”, Steve explained.

“Gita is the Hindu book. right?”, Jerry asked.

“Bhagwat Gita is above any religion Jerry. You study self-help books but do you call then Christian or Muslim books because authors follow that religion or the language is such? This books teaches you how to live life like a best world citizen.”, Steve said.

“Can you please explain me the meaning of this?”, Jerry asked.

Steve started, “Devan, meaning gods”…

Jerry interrupted, “See, there is reference of gods. Which means this is a Hindu religious book. You must admit it. What’s wrong in admitting that this is a Hindu religious book?”

“Can you please explain me, Which religion Sun, Moon, Air, Water, earth, senses, sky, fire follow? Whichever religion they follow Bhagwat Gita belongs to that religion. When Devata’s are referred it means one of these inseparable parts of this nature. This stanza says, these demigods are being pleased by sacrifices and in turn they will please you. Thus by nourishing each other, there is be prosperity for all.

If I sacrifice my pleasures to take better care of nature, nature will take care of me. This will ultimately bring prosperity to all. I take the pain to clean my verandah as it gets dirty due to the falling leafs but do not get the tree get affected. I make my house such that the trees around me get enough soil, water and light to grow. I ensure earth gets enough water and no toxic item goes into it. I ensure I do not throw things into any water body that will reduce waters oxygen level or will cause any kind of problem to the living beings who live in water. These will not happen due to noble thoughts or great speeches, this requires sacrifices.

This sacrifice should be similar to the sacrifices that you make to raise your kids. This is not some kind of mercy you should do to the nature. Because although it looks like it is at mercy of we humans but if you see you are at the mercy of nature. Just face one natural calamity, you will realize it.”




– Stray Dog


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  1. Sakti, thanks for such a beautiful explanation of the Bhagwat Gita and its connection to nature. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Good job, Sakti! Keep the posts coming.

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