Ficus Tree

“There is a big daemon next to our house. It watches all kids and whoever does not listen to elders that daemon comes and eats them.”, Chunmun told this to her younger brother Chintu while trying to make him sleep. They do not have much age gap between them but Chunmun has grown faster than her age. Their parents are on their daily journey to gather food and other stuffs for the family. Chintu as not getting sleep and this was evident from his naughty eyes. Although those were closed but it was clearly evident that he is not sleeping. Then to scare Chintu Chunmun made some noise and said, “Hey, it looks like the daemon is coming towards us.”. Chintu immediately closed his eyes forcibly and tried to sleep. It is still one hour left for their parents to come back home. Chunmun is also keeping a close eye on the new member of their family who is still has not seen the light of this earth. It is still called as an egg.

They live on a Ficus tree. It is since 20 years their family made this Ficus tree as their home. 25 years back this society was built and named as Samrajya Society. Many humans from various parts of this country bought house here and started living here. They have planted these Ficus trees to enhance the beauty of this society. They lived happily and the trees grew to a level where they can not only add to beauty but also lots of shade during summer. Chunmuns great grand father was born and brought up in Ankleswar but growing air pollution made it difficult for him to continue living there. He decided to migrate. On his way, he saw a river and many trees around it. He got to know this is Vishwamitri river. He was very happy, such a pious river and beautiful ambience made him take decision to stay there.He chose this Ficus tree as it was great location as per the earths energy flow.

Chunmun heard a noise. “Tak Tak Tak”. She thought may be Chintu is not sleeping and making this noise. But when he noticed he saw Chintu is in deep sleep. The egg is intact. She could not understand where this noise came from. There are no other dangers in this area. Suddenly she got a jerk and the noise became loud. She was scared now. She saw one man with an axe trying to cut the tree. She was not sure what to do. She can fly with Chintu but what about the new baby at home. it is still an egg. Her parents are still away as there is still time for sunset. She tried to wake Chintu up but it looks like he is now in deep sleep. Chunmun cried, “Maa!!!!!! Baba!!!!!!!Maa!!!!!! Baba!!!!!!!Maa!!!!!! Baba!!!!!!!”, thinking if they are around then they will come and rescue them but he did not get any response from any direction except her echo. By now Chintu was scared and awake. She told Chintu to fly and go to the next tree but Chintu was scared to fly as he just started learning how to fly. But due to the fear of falling down he tried and successfully landed on the next tree. Now Chunmun had only task to somehow save the egg. She remembered he mother saying, “Humans are very knowledgeable and have a heart also. But they mostly use it for their own benefit as we do. But if you can convince them they can change their heart and help others.”. Chunmun thought of convincing the man who was trying to cut the tree. She went and tried to explain the situation in various ways but unfortunately all went into deaf ears as he could not understand or bothered to understand Chunmun’s message. Then he cried, “Maa!!! Baba!!!” again. She went to nearby areas to see if she can find her parents anywhere but without any luck.

She noticed one small leaf container lying on the road. She thought of taking that and carry the egg in that to another safe place. Then before landing on the road, she saw a cat roaming around. She after several attempts picked the leaf container and the moment she was about to pick the container that cat had attacked her but fortunately she escaped. She took the leaf container went to her home. But by the time she reached there, she found the tree was lying on the road and that egg was lying on ground. She cried thinking it is broken but when she observed closely, she found it is still intact and the baby is trying to come out. She was happy as well as scared as the cat is around. She was not sure how to handle this situation. As per her mother, Humans can understand if they wish but other animals will not as they have no brain to analyze the situation. She found that cat coming closure and then she cried and requested cat to leave the newborn and requested a lot. But cat kept coming closure. Chunmun got scared but still stayed at that place to fight in case cat tries to eat her youngest brother. Cat came very near to the newborn but stopped there. Kept on observing the new kid. Chunmun was keeping an close eye to the situation. Situation was tensed and then her parents came. They saw the broken tree, broken egg and got scared. They were more scared seeing the cat near the newborn and Chunmun. They were not sure what to do. But then Cat slowly went back saying, “I was just protecting your kid so that nobody else can attack him”. Chunmun was relaxed seeing her parents and thanked Cat for it’s kindness.

Family again got together and started building a new home in another tree and lived happily ever after.


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