I was busy in my regular work. No complaints, no expectations, no tension. Happy as always and “Mastttt” was the only response when anybody asked, “How are you?”.

Suddenly I found that spotlight was on me. It took me couple of seconds to realize that, but as expected I ensured my dress is proper, actions and reactions are the best. I had to put serious thought to everything that was expected from me. I was angry on anything that did not let me achieve what I am supposed to achieve. I was worried and upset when things did not go as planned. Unknowingly I had set a benchmark for me which I had to cross every time on everything that I did. Now when my friend asked, “How are you?”, I was not sure what to answer. I just blabbered, “Going on!!!”.

Worried about the expectations, I tried to go for a walk in a nearby park. While walking on the green grass suddenly I found one person sleeping there. I asked him, “Who are you? and why are you sleeping here?”. He said, “I am nobody.”. Then I found myself superior than him and smiled at my beautiful fate. I said, “You know who I am?”. He responded, “Just anybody”. I was angry on him. I told him, “You fool!! Did not you realize that I have become ‘somebody’ since the day spotlight was on me.”. He smiled and slept again, ignoring me. I shook him and tried to wake him up. I can’t leave him sleeping there unless he acknowledges that I am somebody. He turned towards me and said, “What??!!!”. I said, “How can you say that I am anybody?”. He responded, “The way you are taking your life after spotlight, is natural and anybody will do that. If you would have reacted how a worthy would have, that I could have accepted you as somebody. Now just let me sleep.” 


– Stray Dog


Published by Sakti

Simple living, lots of talking

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