Just 2 Minutes

“Break the old belief and create a  new ones. This is the way to succeed in this industry.”, Marketing manager said.

“But we can’t beat our product in front of the traditional breakfast that people are having here. Their traditional breakfast is fresh, healthy, nutritious and tasty.”, one of the marketing executive said.

“ Kids having roti (Indian Bread) crushed in milk or poha (Flat Rice) with milk or curd may be healthier and 100 times better than the snacks we are planning to sell but not as tasty as ours. When food is served to you, you get attracted to it by reviewing following parameters.. Flavor, Presentation (Exterior look), taste, method of preparation and nutritional value. If you highlight a couple of these parameters as good in our product and couple of parameters as bad in the traditional breakfast them people may ignore the rest.”, Manager responded.

“But the traditional breakfast what people have here, is good in all aspects.”, another executive said.

“We will tell them that their belief is wrong. We will project how bad is the taste of their traditional breakfast is in comparison to ours. We will also show how mothers crush the roti or poha in milk using hand, and hand has so many germs. In our advertisement we will show the microscopic view of one mother’s hand which has many germs moving. We will also project how easy it is to prepare our breakfast so that working mothers get more time to do other work. We will prove them that they are taking an unhealthy and less nutritious breakfast till date. We will continue this for several weeks and then give them the alternative. That is our breakfast”, Manager said.

“Amazing idea!, But will this work?”, One newly joined management trainee asked.

“This method is time-tested. This works every time. I will tell you one story. Prior to east India company’s arrival in Bharat there was one gentleman who was sent to Bharat to review this country to see how best England can invade Bharat. That gentleman travelled entire nation and was overwhelmed by the hospitality, Beauty and scientific ways followed to live life. He presented a report to the then king, that it is impossible to invade Bharat in its current form. There is no doubt that there is enough wealth there in Bharat which entire world can consume for next several centuries. But number of their army is equal to number of their citizen. Every person goes through strict education system in their early age where they not only learn science, literature, philosophy and many others but the knowledge to protect themselves as well as the country. Their biggest strength is not their army or their wealth but their belief in their culture. There is no way we can invade the entire Bharat with army. The only way is to break their culture. In order to break that you need to break their belief. This is not easy and it would require at least a century to achieve. That made them to send east India company first to do business in Bharat. They did work for a century to break the belief and rest is history and the present. So it works. Kids and Teenagers are the soft target to bring change in the society. They are mostly rebellious and love to explore anything new. So, whatever you want to sell, target them. They will drive the market for you.”, Manager said.

There was a sound of claps from one person sitting in the back. Senior Marketing manager stood up clapping. Manager was feeling proud for his wonderful method for market penetration. He said, “Gentlemen, every product that is not needed by the mankind is sold using this method. Our purpose is to make money by selling our product to remain in business. If we only make and sell products that is needed by mankind then there are hardly few options. We must create the need and then sell the product. Create the desire and then fulfill it. I wish you all the best for this new venture.”


– Stray Dog


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2 thoughts on “Just 2 Minutes

  1. Yes, Sakti, this is sad but true that children are the easiest targets for marketers. I think schools, parents and anyone who has a stake in a child’s education, should be helping students critically examine advertisements that they are exposed to in their everyday life.

  2. This is true from a materiality perspective and from the perspective of life. Materiality is evident as a direct interpretation of your writing. If I were to stretch it a bit further, we will notice and agree that the same is true about the quality of life one leads. Here though, the need is self fueled by vices like desire, greed and hatred to name a few. Many a time, one human being looks at the accomplishment of another and tends to compare himself against the other person. He is usually satisfied if he feels that his own accomplishment is higher. however, where the case is otherwise, a self fueled desire begins to reach that level. Now am not saying that a person needs to be complacent but he would need to evaluate whether achieving a particular target is really necessary. This desire at times leads to people seeking desparate measures to achieve their goal. Here the emphasis on the means is lost and the person begins to look only at the end result, thus making him a different person than he once was.

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