“Why are you tolerating? Who is stopping you from taking revenge? I can not understand how anybody can tolerate so much of pain but still keep quiet and try to grow once again? If I were you, I would have created havoc here and destroyed everything  around. You can’t be so tolerant. This is not greatness rather this is a sign of a coward. Speak up!! Say something at least”, Vikram, A 11 year old boy showing his frustration. He had planted a tree when he was 5 year old. He accompanied his father then to help him in the road work that his father was doing. At that time, his father said to plant a tree on the road side and take care of it. It will remain with him as his friend forever. He planted the tree and every week he comes and takes care of it. Earlier he used to come every day but once it grew up he reduced the frequency to weekly.

This tree was his best friend. His father was an Civil Engineer and working for state government. 2 years back while inspecting the road work he found bad quality materials used and he raised his concern. He reported about this to the higher officials and stopped releasing further payment to the contractor. It was not easy decision for him because he had to choose between Rs. 2 Lakh in one side and at the other end,  his as well as his family’s life. The only parameter to toggle between the both options was his values that he carried so long and wanted to pass along to his son. He chose to stick to his decision of blacklisting the contractor.

Unfortunately 2 weeks after his decision he met with a road accident and he lost his life on the spot. Police took swift action to register the FIR and was quick enough to determine that it was nothing more than an accident. Case was  closed and it is since 2 years they are waiting for the compensation and others.

This incidence affected Vikram badly. Loosing father at this young age and watching his mother working so hard to give all necessary facilities to him and his sister, not something that Vikram could accept easily. His mother is a teacher in government school and his salary does not come every month. Due to bad health of the state governments financial condition salary is no more a monthly affair.

Last time he came to meet the tree it was about to blossom. Vikram was very happy and spent last one week with this thought that this winter he will see fruits in his tree. This is the first time the tree grew enough to bear fruits. But today when Vikram came to meet his dearest friend, the tree that he and his father had planted, he saw that only little remains of the tree trunk is there  and rest all has been cut by somebody in past seven days.  He was devastated and could not control tears flowing from his eyes. He wanted his friend to revolt against the wrong doing. He wanted to create havoc around. he wanted to murder the person who is responsible for this heinous act.

He was sitting next to the tree and watching its remains. Although it was cut completely but the roots were still holding the ground tightly and there is a desire to survive in the remains of the tree. It seems like it is trying to console and say, “I will grow again. See, I did not leave my stand. I am a tree. I have been given the responsibility to serve like a tree. I will not move from my duty and stand. I will not act like another animal because I was treated badly. If I do so then entire ecosystem will go haywire.

You too take a stand that you believe and stick to it. Do not jump around based on situations. If you feel like serving the society do so. If you feel like protecting the society then do so. If you feel like educating the society then do so. But do not try to switch roles. You may achieve various roles by doing one role efficiently. Like I take my stand to serve the society by providing fruits, shelter and clean air. But I also come in use to help rain and protect the nearby villages during storm. I help earth from erosion and birds to build their nest. But I do not bother how I will be utilized. I bother about taking my stand and try to grow everyday despite hurdles. You must do so. Pick up one work and do that well, you will see rest all duties that you have for society will automatically get fulfilled. Be like your father. Take a stand and stick to it. Do not deviate.”


– Stray Dog


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3 thoughts on “Stand

  1. Stand, like a firm rooted tree with a firm stand to serve selflessly!Period.Any other stand is nothing but self-glorifying image of ego.

    Indeed! Lot to learn from a tree!

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