Encounter with thought

It is since long I spoke to myself face to face. My own self was hiding somewhere. Colors and music of life are sometime so mesmerizing that finding time to find self becomes extremely difficult. While you are busy enjoying life, thoughts come to your doorstep, but they get disappointed because of not getting proper attention and go without telling you something.

The other day one thought came to my doorstep early in the morning. I was about to start my work. It did not bother to greet me or smile at me. Handed over one paper to me and sat near me quietly. I went through the paper and understood that it was a paper used by one of my fellow resident of this world whom I never bothered to give attention. That fellow resident has a neurological disorder and he acts differently to the situations than me. Although that is not something that make him different because each of us act to a particular situation differently but because  modern medical science has found a name called ‘Autism’ to tag people having certain kind of neurologic disorder they are looked and treated differently.

That specific paper contained below instructions.

“I will not touch the microphone”

“I will not shout or cry”

“I will join both my palms to do Namaste to people”

“I will sing the song: Mujhe itni Shakti dena data”

I could easily recall yesterday’s performance where one boy sang this song beautifully on the stage and has joined his hands in ‘Namaste’ posture throughout. This surprised me. I asked my thought, who was sitting patiently and enjoying the changing expressions on my face,

“How could this boy follow all the instructions flawlessly despite the neurological disorder which makes him a different species than me?”, I questioned.  My thought smiled and said, “That’s what the tagging concept of you humans have done to this world. You easily try to find the difference between you and others and tag them with some word which you and only you can understand. There is hardly any effort you put to find the similarity. between you and others. You see a person who looks different by color, language or any other physical appearance, immediately spend your all effort to justify the other person is a foreigner. You see a person with a slightly different behavior than you, you immediately put all your efforts to dig modern medical science to find out what is the disorder or syndrome the person has so that you can tag him.

Treat another human as just another human and you will find a big door of opportunity opening for you to know many beautiful aspects of human race. Love people just for the sake of being another fellow human.”

“Got you my friend. But you answer me, where were you for so many days? You almost forgot me. I woke up early morning everyday and waited for you but you never came. Because of your absence, I could not write any blogs.”, I complained.

My thought smiled at my complain and said, “ I can not come to you at your will. I came many a times but you were busy and ignored me. I also have a self-respect and ego. You have hurt my ego so I stopped coming.”

I felt like laughing when I heard thoughts having ego and self-respect but did not say anything other than ‘Sorry’ and let it go at its will. But promised to myself that I will capture the thought next time it comes to me so that I can continue writing my blog.


– Stray Dog 


Published by Sakti

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2 thoughts on “Encounter with thought

  1. Sakti, what a beautiful post! Yes, if we could only learn to appreciate our differences, I think many personal and political conflicts could be avoided.

    Keep up your insightful and inspirational posts!

    1. Thank you Myrtle. My thought, imagination and storytelling capabilities lost somehow. I am trying to regain it by writing whatever comes to my mind. Your inspiring words are helping me regain.

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