Holi Hai…

Fun is when you do something where there is challenge. Yesterday, we all celebrated Holi. If you notice, people try to throw color at people who are either hesitant or show some reaction while putting colors. There is no fun in putting colors on rocks. I have seen people running here and their to save themselves where as they have no place in their body to save.  But that is the fun.

fight prepthrowing colors

 pouring colorsdiscussed fight

pouring on ignorantfun fight

colorfullall are fine

What a beautiful festival. It comes every year to redefine fun, tolerance and sweet mischiefs. Irrespective of age, gender, region and 10,000+ other reasons to divide people in India , this functions puts an attempt to make all of them enjoy and have fun. I remember one of my friend said “They Just need one reason to celebrate”. That is such a young and vibrant thought in a 5000 year old civilization. People barge into others house to find them, catch them and color them. This may sound very scary, uncool and danger to privacy kind of activity but experience it once you will do the same. The best (worst for some Smile ) part is, you have to give sweets, snacks and other eatables to the people who have forcefully entered into your house to dirty your house and color you without your will. This may sound more strange but again, experience it once then you will wait for them to come to your house. I would not disagree that some people make others unhappy sometimes with their acts during these but expecting 100% good from anything is over-expectation.

– Stray Dog


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3 thoughts on “Holi Hai…

  1. Sakti, I enjoyed the pictures. Looks like a fun experience! “Sweet mischief” is a good way to define it.

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