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I am in the middle of a complex problem, analyzing with friends to find resolution as it is critical, every second counts here, otherwise it may escalate to next level as Billing run at a hospital has crashed. Suddenly a loud noise came “Apni to jaise taise, thodi aise na waise, Kat Jayegi… Aaapka kya hoga Janawe ali” from a computer which was not so far away from our war zone. It is a Hindi movie song which I love a lot and have done several Pitri dances in this song. I would never call it as a noise outside work premises. I forgot where I was, what I was thinking and was absolutely blank in my mind. Then I went to that section of the floor and requested for reduction of volume and they obliged. I could continue with my analysis then on.

This makes me think, why people want others to listen to the music they want to listen? Why they want us to have fun when they are having? Why they barge into our privacy for fun?

These above questions, I have answered in my Holi Hai.. blog. But there is a difference. When you have a social function you are expected to enjoy and that is the reason they have declared that day as a holiday in India (Although this year it was in a Sunday). They do not expect people to work. Another very important think to remember, you can not go in any other day and pour colors on people, you can do this only on Holi. So they have restricted this fun to only one day. If people try to stay in the same spirit for entire year then it hurts others. When I say spirit here, I mean intruding into others domain to have fun.

Work environment has to be a place where people can utilize best of their minds to produce greater results. This can not be achieved with frequent unexpected music and cell phone ring tones. Expecting everybody is enjoying from what you are enjoying is immaturely foolish. This not only kills the work environment but also your impression as a professional. I will not deny the fact that I had done in my past several occasions in my early professional life. When anybody used to protest, I used to think what a boring person he is. Can’t he enjoy the music while doing his work as well. This is such a nice piece of music, everybody loves it, may be except this boring creäture. Then I used to reduce it. I now realize, I was wrong. He was not boring, I was stupid. He was doing what he was expected to do in office and I was affecting him, his project, his career as well as the company which was paying me salary to contribute in its growth. Hence in my view, using headphones while listening to music, keeping cell phones in vibration or very low ring volume will make us better professionals and corporate citizens.

– Stray Dog


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