Do Aur Do Paanch (2 and 2 is 5)

A retro song of hindi film industry was playing in the car radio while I was bringing kids home from school during my ultra luxurious lunch break. My kids picked up a portion of the song and asked, “How can 2 and 2 become 5?”. Their recent expertise in summation has questioned the validity ofContinue reading “Do Aur Do Paanch (2 and 2 is 5)”

One unexpected encounter

“Yes Darling I love you. I love you more than anything in this world. I can spend my entire life just to make you happy. My destination is you and ultimate destination is your heart. This journey will continue for ever. See what I got for you.” Ricky said and gave one beautiful looking and smellingContinue reading “One unexpected encounter”

Holi Hai…

Fun is when you do something where there is challenge. Yesterday, we all celebrated Holi. If you notice, people try to throw color at people who are either hesitant or show some reaction while putting colors. There is no fun in putting colors on rocks. I have seen people running here and their to saveContinue reading “Holi Hai…”