Fear is a very beautiful emotion. It keeps you within your limits, on your toes and grounded. When you have to deliver or act then the most powerful energy you get is the fear within you. You show your best behavior when you are fearful. But you do your best performance when confident. Fear and confidence may sound like antonyms but they are not. You may have enormous confidence but remaining fearful to some extent helps you not become over confident.

As a social animals we are fearful of rules and regulation and this fear makes us law abiding person. Many may argue that they are not fearful of laws but follow them because they think that is good for society. May be some are true but majority follow rule because they are fearful of the consequences. Now consequences may be because they are scared of the personnel who enforce the law or the purpose for which the rule is made. Example, you do not jump a red signal may be because you are scared of police or scared of the accident that may happen. But ultimately you are scared. Believe me if we would not have been fearful of consequences we would not have become social animals, just animals.

You are scared of your elders too. Not because they have power but because you respect them. You are scared of doing anything which they may not permit, especially in front of them. I have seen people not doing anything their elders would not have allowed, in front of their photograph’s too. But this is more of a cultural thing.

You are scared of loved ones too. You do not want to hurt their sentiments. You fear loosing them. You want them to be happy. Love always comes with fear of loosing. Many may disagree with me.

You are scared of your own position, financial status and authority too. You fear loosing them. You fear the life you will have when you will not have any of these or may be have these in lesser quantity.

We are fearful of some unseen power. Some may claim themselves as atheist but observe them they are fearful of some unseen power too. I am mentioning here as unseen power because I have never seen god but I am fearful of HIM/HER. This keeps us within our boundaries even if nobody is watching.

We are fearful of our conscience. Even if we do not believe or care about any of the above we are scared of ourselves. You do something wrong, tell boldly in front of other that you are right but when you are alone you realize that you were wrong and feel guilty about your act. This may not happen immediately or the same day but it will happen one day.

Although fear is good but excess fear will eat up your confidence. So maintaining fear in its limit is equally important.

– Stray Dog


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5 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop, that’s why when I scared I don’t find the good way which gives me the better solution because everything is dark 🙂

    1. Fear that stops you from thinking and develops negatives is excessive fear. You may have to train yourself to reduce the intensity of fear but make sure fear still exists.

  2. Hi

    Interesting post, thanks for this. I’ve just written about fear as well but I believe that love is the opposite of fear. My post is more about relationships though. You can read about it here if you want.

    Best of luck with your blog.

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