Fear of Losing Identity

On a December night a happy full moon roaming around freely on a blue-sky. It had struggled a lot to achieve this full moon identity. It took 14 long days since the dreadful no moon day to reach here. All big celestial bodies always overpowered, ignored and demeaned her for her tininess. While moon isContinue reading “Fear of Losing Identity”

Live your life

” I don’t think I did enough. I had so many opportunities to do better but what I did is some idiotic actions. I was supposed to be showing compassion, love and care but I became selfish and expressed my emotions which were hurting and does not confirm to logic. I am constantly suffering. PeopleContinue reading “Live your life”


“Challenges, problems, success, failure, achievements and many more such words we use throughout the day to express our life situation to others. At times we share our life situations with other and at other times we keep it to ourselves but whether we express or not life situation happens. Most of the time the life situationContinue reading “Perspective”

Swim through life

I do not remember when last time I attended a class where I really wanted to learn. For the first time I am getting the learning pleasure. The pleasure of competing with self and winning or sometimes failing. My fellow classmates are mostly between the age range of 4-14. So I am more than uncleContinue reading “Swim through life”


Fear is a very beautiful emotion. It keeps you within your limits, on your toes and grounded. When you have to deliver or act then the most powerful energy you get is the fear within you. You show your best behavior when you are fearful. But you do your best performance when confident. Fear andContinue reading “Fear”