What’s new this year?

New year wishes are flooding our mailbox and apps, and we respond as we can. I feel it is mostly seen as a duty to share happy new year message hence many believe in mass communication than one to one communication. This new world is accepting mass communication through an electronic medium as a new norm. … Continue reading What’s new this year?

Parting Song : Goodbye my Friend

No Music, No Orchestra, No singer around but I can hear the music, orchestra and a beautiful song. Song so loud that, it woke me up at 4:00 AM despite body yet to recover from a long tiring previous day. I woke up to listen to the song carefully and feel the music. Upon attention, … Continue reading Parting Song : Goodbye my Friend

Sutta?? (Smoke Break??)

Jiten was a small town boy who wanted to study in an engineering college after succeeding in a competitive examination. A big dream of the family got fulfilled and Jiten was on top of the world. First few days in the college was the time to wonder how big the college is and exploring how an … Continue reading Sutta?? (Smoke Break??)

A new Car in the Society

Amrut-Ganga Society is a residents society of an apartment which has 16 flats. Although the apartment was in a livable condition since past 3 years but did not have all the amenities till recently. In these 3 years the occupancy has increased from 2 to 11. New families came in and new friends were made. … Continue reading A new Car in the Society

A lift journey

A hurried manager rushed into a lift to reach 11th floor of the building so that he can get to the meeting for which he is already 2 minutes late. This was a meeting between him and the Vice President of his Business Unit who recently joined the organization. This is their first meting. He … Continue reading A lift journey

The locked Toilet

  Ramesh had to shift to a new city on an urgent but temporary assignment. He had to take the charge immediately as soon as he reached the new city. On first day at office he called for an immediate meeting to let all of them know that he is their new boss and he … Continue reading The locked Toilet

Happy Father’s Day!!!

80 years old man coughing sitting on a chair at 5:00 AM in the morning and waiting for a cup of tea. Rest of the members of the family are sleeping and have no intention to get up for next 3 hours on a Sunday morning. He does not know how to spend this time. … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day!!!

Ek Aur Ek Gyarah

An exhausted Bagmita came to bed after a day's hard work. She was thinking of crashing on the bed but as soon as she reached the bed, her elder daughter got up crying. There is no reason why she was crying and it took another one hour for Bagmita to make her sleep. It is not uncommon, getting up early … Continue reading Ek Aur Ek Gyarah

My Friend Jaga

Joining in the infinite journey of ‘The infinite’ among infinite people but still making an one to one connection with infinite is only possible in Rath Yatra. A journey of my friend and lord Jagannath. I call him Jaga with love. I am living In a strange age where openly expressing your feelings about your own … Continue reading My Friend Jaga

That day…

“Taking 30?” I heard. I was deep asleep but could recognize Ramesh’s voice. I could see him holding a Rs 20 note and one Rs 10 note in his hand which he took from my purse. That question was asked without expecting any answer. He walked out of room taking the money. That’s all I had in … Continue reading That day…

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