Lonely Tree

A dry and tired tree was standing in a deserted ground. He did not have any friends. Everybody used to tease him and irritate him. But he never got irritated. When winds use to pass by him, they used to whistle and shake his dry and tired arms and go. Although he was getting disturbed, but he never complained. People as well as cattle from the neighboring village used to answer natures call just beside him. So he used to get the stink all the time, but he never bothered about that as well. He was living life as a non-living object. Many people came and cut his limbs for their use. He used to get lots of pain but he never bled because he hardly had any blood in him. Many years passed and there were no improvement in his state, rather he became more weak every year.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

One day he got up as some birds droppings fell on his eyes. He opened his eyes with distress and saw group of beautiful birds are flying few inches above his head. He looked at them with his tired eyes for a while and then looked down. He thought, in last several years no bird has ever sat on his arms. Squirrels climbed on him sometimes, but he never liked them. Squirrels mostly fight with each other which he never likes. While he was thinking this, a small and very beautiful bird sat on his arm. He was shocked and looked at her. He did not say ‘Hello’ to her because he feared, by hearing his old and tired voice this small bird may get scared and go away. After almost a decade, a bird sat on his arm and he did not want to lose this moment. He was very happy from within and was praying god, not to take this moment away.

Then he heard that the small bird was crying. Few drops of tear fell on his arm too. He felt sad and asked politely to the bird, “What happened?”. Bird cried for some more time before replying him. Then she said “Nobody in this world likes me, everybody tried to avoid me, they say I am bad, Even you did not greet me. I am a single, sad and unlucky bird in this entire world. I want to die”. “No, No, Never think like that little bird, You are so beautiful, Why do you think others hate you? Are you crazy? Anybody sees you, will fall in love with you.” tree said. “You should never feel yourself lonely? There are so many in this world who have a worse life than yours. Do you know why I did not say ‘Hi’ to you? Because nobody had come near me since last decade or more. I was scared if I talk to you then you may get frightened and go away”. Bird looked at the tree for sometime and said “Okay, you are lonely and me too, Can I make my nest on your arm?”. Tree was very happy to hear that but due to so many years of loneliness he was unsure if that would be a great idea or not. He was more scared of losing her, than happy to get her. He looked at the bird for sometime and he felt that the bird is genuine. He said in a grave voice “See, I have no problem if you nest on my arm but you have to make sure you sing a song everyday morning. If you stop singing one morning then our deal is over”. Bird was so happy to hear this. She said “you know, everybody left me saying, I am selfish but I swear to god, I will not stop singing any morning till I am alive. You can not imagine, how thankful I am to you. No tree allowed to make nest. I thought I will end my life”. Then they spent that day by knowing each other more. They laughed together, shared beautiful moments of their life and sad ones too.

Days passed, bird was able to make her nest and she continued her promise to sing a song every morning. Tree was very happy. He grew many leaves on his arms, he tried to clean his surrounding by moving his arm in rainly season so that bird does not get that stink. Winds used to stop by him and talk to him before going. He had his best days ever. He grew fruits as well and he gifted some of them to the bird. Their life changed and everything around them was happy. There were no signs of sadness.

One afternoon while the tree was taking a nap, he dreamt of a day when there will be many nests on his arms and there will be so many baby birds. He will take care of the baby birds till their parents come in the evening and bring food for them. He will tell them stories, play with them and let them win over him in games. A sudden noise broke his sleep. He opened his eyes and looked everywhere. He could not find anything unusual around. Suddenly he noticed the broken nest of the bird falling on the ground. He looked anxiously around to see where is the bird. He saw that, bird was going somewhere. He called the bird and said “Hey your next fell down. Come fast take care otherwise winds will take this with them.”. Bird turned back and said “Yes, I did that myself. I am going to the nearby forest. You know there are nice gardens. They invited me to make a nest there. I want to go there. I am sorry. I can not stay in this stinking place for so long. Anyway, thanks for the nest. Good luck. See you”. “You swore to god, not to stop singing for me. You do not care about that?” tree asked in a sad and grave voice. Bird smiled at him and said “Good Luck, Good bye”. Tree stood there still looking at the broken nest on the ground. Days passed but he just kept staring at the nest till wind took away the last straw. By then all his leaves had fallen and he was dry again. He had a tough time to adjust himself with the old life but he had no other options.

Several seasons passed. He spent most of his days in sleeping. Suddenly he got up hearing chirping of birds. He woke up and saw one bird sitting there on his arm and rest of the group flew by him. He looked the bird. She was crying. Tree looked at her for sometime. Then went back to sleep. Bird tried to wake the tree up by making lots of pleasant as well as unpleasant sound. Tree was unaffected.

– Stray Dog


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2 thoughts on “Lonely Tree

  1. Very good Story… Old tree is very careful about the baby bird and nest… I hope this is not story, this is real..

    I like it 🙂

  2. Most of the time …. your writeup elaborates an observation, which ends with a positive learning …. This time it was definately a learning but was more like an introduction to “The harash realitity of life” ….

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