Strange Emotion

“Excuse me, Sir!! Excuse me, Sir!!” shouted in class. Everybody looked me. A middle aged teacher who was busy writing the formula in the black board turned back slowly. He looked at me. I got up and said “Sir, there is a mistake in that formula, You must divide X not multiply” in one breath. Teacher turned back, looked at me then looked at the formula and said “Oh Yes, you are right. It is my mistake”. Then he continued. Everybody were normal except me. I was very happy. I found a mistake in best teacher`s formula. I was dying to share this with my friends and family. I did that. It hardly meant anything to others. But I remained happy with that thought for several months. This is a strange kind of emotion. I do not know what this is. If any day by chance, I find a mistake in the work of the person whom I respect the most, I feel so happy. As if I achieved something great. It is not because I want to show him/her down, I still have the same or more amount of respect for him/her but I feel great. I felt the same when I lost in tug-of-war with my daughter. I felt-the –same when my father beat me in the game of chess. It is a strange emotion. Of course it is in the same family of happiness but I do not know what to call it.

-Stray Dog


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2 thoughts on “Strange Emotion

  1. How true, we pride ourselves in finding faults, even when its some one we admire, care and respect. Only humans can be such a bundle of contradictions.
    Nice write … got me thinking.

  2. This is true… after finding the mistake, we may get more interest than before to see/observe the formula very carefully line by line, because we think we may find another, another.. and automatically our interest will increase on that subject/lesson

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