Desk and dusk

Ringing doorbell brings excitement with the hope of something new and wonderful for the kids in the house. Although there is some level of predictability, a large amount of guess works there as well. It is time for the mother to return from work; Maybe a courier guy because parents ordered something exciting for them through online shopping site, maybe friends came to share an exciting plan or inviting for a birthday party, maybe father arrived early today unannounced and we may go out for dinner. Lots of maybes make the door opening a very exciting one.

As the time was for the mother to return, when opened the door it was the tired mother standing there with a forced smile as the mind was exhausted due to work, traffic and thought of teaching the kids to ensure they are prepared enough for the exam the next day despite needing rest desperately.

For kids, always present moment takes over the future or past, unlike Adults. Adults do not give importance to present as they do to the future and past. Kids find a little ray of hope middle of all hardship to smile and adults find little trace of worry in between ocean of happiness not to smile.

Younger Kid saw that smile on the face of the mother and quickly asked, “Can I go to the playground to play with my friends?”. The little forceful smile on mothers face vanished in a second and ordered to bring the books to study as tomorrow is the exam. The disappointed kid went to get the books while thinking what is the better way to get permission to go out and play.

Tired mother is getting frustrated as nobody is there to think about her that she is tired and offering a glass of water might have helped to feel better. A tired mind and body do not differentiate between the age, maturity and skill level of the person around. Its expectations are written on stone. So the mother gets angry further with the thought that kids did not even think about her and just thinking about their own entertainment.

The elder kid was observant and made a quick move towards the kitchen to get a glass of water and give it to mother. The mother felt better but her attention shifted towards the elder kid to understand how much effort it might require to make her ready for tomorrows exam. The elder kid being emotionally matured compared to the younger one asked the question “How was your day?”.  Mother felt better as she was really tired that day and needed a comforting feeling. As she was getting relief from the exhaustion her mind started working more logically but not enough to think emotionally. She thought maybe the elder kid is trying to hide something hence trying to please her. She asked some probing questions to find the real reason why the elder kid is so pleasing in behavior.

The elder kid was genuinely trying to make the mother feel better as she was tired but the probing questions disappointed her. She was not sure what she must do now. Should she pick up the books to study which she doesn’t want or try her chance to watch television or go out and play? She was not sure and tired mother was also not giving any indication of what she wants. She attempted to please her mother this time to get the necessary permission to watch TV or play out by bringing her books and showing her mother how she doesn’t have any homework and clarified she will complete studying the chapters for the next day’s exam after returning from play. An intelligent way of taking permission to go out and play now.

Mother looked at her and in a stern voice instructed her to study now for the exam and not to go out to play until the study is complete.

Now both are in study and mind is in the playground.

An observant


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