What’s new this year?

New year wishes are flooding our mailbox and apps, and we respond as we can. I feel it is mostly seen as a duty to share happy new year message hence many believe in mass communication than one to one communication. This new world is accepting mass communication through an electronic medium as a new norm.

Stray Dog finds it uncomfortable to share a wish for happiness, prosperity, and success without thinking of a single individual but to send it to a group.

Hence to make Stay Dog comfortable I wrote poetry in Odia language that states my feeling about what’s new in this new year.

If you don’t understand odia, here is my attempt to translate into English.

New Year 2017

When I woke up in the morning, I found 16 is no longer there!

I am not lying my friend it is seventeen everywhere.


It said, in this new year, Anger, sorrow, and discomfort will remain the same

Love, hope, and happiness will continue to stay as a dream.


(Surprisingly) Then I asked what’s the use of new year

If everything will remain as it is, Dear!


It said to me, oh crazy dear! Time flows ever silent

It’s we humans who add new spirit to it


Sorrow stays the same as well as the happiness

our job is to add excitement and newness


17 brought you a new spectacle to see the same with a new twist

We must look at the old with new enthusiasm and spirit


Let’s laugh more even if people think us insane

Let’s wear smile at very occasion

Let’s dance with joy even if we find no reason

Let’s spread the happiness and infect others with passion


Let’s do the same old with new joy and focus

Let’s capture this world with passion even if the world goes hocuspocus.


Happy New year!!!


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