Love yourself to be able to keep calm. And calm yourself to be able to love

‘You look beautiful, I said with the flower arrangement. It is nothing special, but I liked it a lot. I kept looking at it for a while.

Marigold at the center smiled and was feeling awkward. I could see it blush, and the flowers around started looking elsewhere.

I asked, “What?” with a smile.
“Don’t stare at us like that; it’s embarrassing.”
“I have somehow fallen in love. How can you be so beautiful” I asked.

One of the naughty ones among them said, “It’s in your looks, not in us that makes us beautiful. It’s your mental state and calmness which make you fall in love. We look important to you because of your focus and priority. There is nothing in us. Now, will you stop staring, please? It’s uncomfortable, and she blushed, and they all laughed”. I looked at the window.

Marigold, the queen, said, “I disapprove of her tone, but Yes, she is right. Beauty and love is always a personal affair. The person who is falling in love or appreciating the beauty is defining it. And that is only possible when you give the entity attention and priority over zillion other things in your mind. When you focus on a prioritized entity, you calm your mind, and that is enough to fall in love or appreciate beauty.”

“But you are beautiful, can anybody deny,” I protested.
“Do you know how many times you have stamped on me and squeezed me to death? How many times you have split me apart to pieces to guess if another loved one of you loves you or not. You have thrown me, stamped on me, squeezed me, and tore me apart. Was I not beautiful then? I was, but I was not your priority then. Now, as you are in your best mental state, you appreciate me and declare your love for me”. Marigold said.

My head dropped with shame for the acts she counted me to pain her.

The naughty one said, “Don’t feel too guilty about it. That is life. Poeple who love you will tear you apart and again they will hold you together. Just realize, this world is beautiful. Full of lovely creatures. They all have a lot to offer. They all care for you. Their love for you is undeterred. Just become a responsible one and keep yourself calm. Be at peace. Love yourself to be able to keep calm. And calm yourself to be able to love”.

I acknowledged. I understood love is always one-sided. And you love your loved ones because you prioritize them and give them undivided attention.


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