Seek The Truth : Meditation Series

Many people think sitting quietly and stopping the random thoughts is called meditation and many declare that is impossible for them to do hence they don’t like meditation. With my limited knowledge I would like to share what I consider as meditation.

Seeking truth like a skillful detective is meditation. Let me explain you, how.

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Mind is like water. It fills the space that is unknown with theories that looks like truth. This is called perception.

If a friend goes silent for a while and we do not get a direct answer ‘Why?’, we keep filling that space with various possibilities and then try connecting dots from the available data points and create our own theory. We don’t stop there, we share this with our other friends and make the world believe that our theory is true.

We see the same newsmakers (in the form of Journalists) doing day in and day out for us so that we remain entertained and they earn their living.

Most of the times (if not always) this theory which is created by individuals other than the person concerned, are wrong or twisted. Because we see the world the way we are and our theories are built considering our limitations and possibilities, not of the concerned individual.

This misinformation that we create and spread does no good to us or the person concerned or the society.

If we put efforts to understand the ‘other being’ by attempting to ask right questions, gathering right data and creating right environment for the other individual to share, might help knowing the truth and helping the individual. Yes, This is difficult to do but worthwhile.

The same is true for ourselves too. We assume our abilities, disabilities, opportunities, possibilities and give some options and opportunities premature death by our wrong perception about ourselves. If we invest time in seeking the truth when we have any problem or opportunity in-front of us, create conducive environment for us to think clearly so that we can see all options, keep attempting all options till they no longer exist as options, make all your faculties (Mind, body, spirit) agile and healthy so that they all can contribute effectively to the thought process, you will find the most effective solution.

Helping self find right answer by seeking truth is one form of meditation.


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