Mindfulness in Social Media

In recent times I have seen two of my close friends have dropped specific social media tools as they realized the addiction and the corruption of mind due to unwanted consumption of harmful content. It makes me wonder if this is the beginning of the end. Possibly! I do not know, but it is undoubtedly a phase where I find people paying attention to what they are consuming. Most importantly, ‘paying attention.’

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

Paying attention is a beginning that would end with a great result. Paying attention to our behaviors, actions, and reactions is the beginning of a journey where we are fully aware.

When we are fully aware, there will be no need to boycott as we will apply self-restraint. These tools help us achieve a lot of good things (the main reason they came into existence in the first place) but at the cost of ‘paying attention’ that we do not get attracted to these tools’ addictive nature. It is like food. As long as we are mindful, you will eat what you need for a healthy body and mind, but you will get attracted by your senses when you do not pay attention. Completely stopping food does not kill the desire within but makes it a problematic urge to control and leads to other complications.

With this learning, I intend to use Social Media or any such tool as a mindful one. What about you?


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