My Four Agreements

Every thought of winning is as eroding as thoughts of losing. It is an extremely difficult exercise to just enjoy the act and stay away from the thoughts of winning or losing.

Pleasure of being part of the journey and giving our best is the only truth. This is the portion you have full control over. You can decide to be happy doing it or not. You can decide whether you want to give your best or not. You can decide whether you want to enjoy the moment of doing the act or not. This will make you feel even more energetic rather than draining your energy.

But it is so surprising that we still keep our focus on the results rather than the act. We think of past or future rather than the present moment. We prefer to drain energy, feel stressed and end with disappointment.

This practice of focusing back on ‘now’, ‘this very moment’ and enjoying the act/journey is not easy and takes time provided we practice.

This starts with few agreements with self.

  • Choose Happiness: Every moment you have a choice to be happy. Choose that.
  • One task at a time: How easy it may be, if you can focus on one task at a time and give your 100% to it. You will enjoy the act.
  • Erase Future: Any action that comes to your mind as future action, ignore it unless you can do anything about it now.
  • Forgive Past: Any thought that wishes to punish yourself or anybody else due to the act of past. Pardon them till they rest at peace.

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