Deafening Silence

Silence today morning is deafening. Still the chatters of the past many months are reverberating in my ears. I am not able to tolerate the silence anymore.

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A small bird sat on my balcony last spring. It was tweeting the song of happiness but something sounded odd. I kept looking at it without an utter and it continued its chatter all day. I got busy with my daily routine.

Alarm from my phone woke me up. When I tried to stop the alarm I realized it was never set. I went in search of the sound of bird chirping to find the little bird of yesterday has made home in my balcony. Its eyes made me surrender to her immediately. The same surrender that Gopis experienced when they heard Krishna’s flute. I spent my morning listening to her chirps and watch her build her beautiful nest.

As days passed by she became a companion and a habit. Shared ups and downs, twist and turns and the deep scars within. No judgement, no solution still pure solace.

In no time next spring came. This little bird’s dreams had made her wings stronger and now the nest was not big enough for her. She looked at me with a puzzled look and I gave her a look of optimism. She expanded her wings, flapped it couple of times before I could see her disappear.

Today I am sitting at the balcony looking at the nest. I could see a big bird circling up above in the sky above my head with its wings spread with confidence, head lifted with positivity and flying like a liberated soul.

I was grinning at this scenery but surprisingly the silence of missing chirps moistened my eyes. I went inside to continue my journey.


Published by Sakti

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2 thoughts on “Deafening Silence

  1. Fabulous! You are just showing your depth of thoughts and expanding the ways to express them with every post! I am loving it Sakti bhai. Just know that its not everyone’s cup of tea and I certainly look up to you!
    Just keep it short, as this one is to deliver the strong message.

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